Colposcopy and LLETZ

Hey everyone!

Went for my colposcopy and biopsy's yesterday and he said it looks like severe dyskaryosis so he done LLETZ there and then he also said he doesnt think it looks like cancer but thats his opinion and i should wait for biopsy and lletz results!!! 

Now i dont know what to think! Is severe cin 3? He wasnt very helpfull or friendly atol so i didnt feel comfortable asking him questions and i have about a 100! 

I didnt have any symptoms and went for my smear which was 8months overdue and results showed moderate changes now this im totally confused and noone understandd how i feel as they havent been through this!



Hi Ashleigh, when I had my colposcopy the doctor also told me that although he could see I definately had a lesion it didn't appear to be cancer.  It would be unprofessional for them to say for sure that it isn't cancer before the proper tests have been done, but the fact that he indicated to you that it doesn't appear to be is reassuring :)  In my case a biopsy was then taken & the results I got back stated "high grade CIN2 changes", so I wouldn't necessarily assume that when he called it severe it is CIN3, but even if it does prove to be that is still pre cancer & very treatable.  I just got my LLETZ last week & like you am waiting for my results from that, but it feels so good to know that the bad cells are gone!  Try to focus on taking good care of yourself, & on knowing that the worst is hopefully over now *hug*

Hi Ashleigh! I had cin3 at my very first smear and nearly shit a brick!! Was terrifying so I completely get where you're coming from. I later learnt about 7 months later at colposcopy, that it was actually cin2 with some patches of cin3 so not as bad as I thought! The fact he was brave enough to say it wasn't cancer should make you feel a bit better. Did you have a look at the screen yourself? I do that, it helps reassure me. Lots of love and luck, fill up the next two weeks in your diary, it's going to be a long wait sadly xxxxx