CIN3 abnormal smear

Hi new to the forum. Just looking for some advice as I am panicking really. Have had 2 normal smears the last one in Aug 2019. The most recent one May 2023 has just come back with severe dyscariosis suggestive of CIN3. My nurse says to wait for coloscopy.
It’s already been 3 months now for results and could be more. At my appt could this show up as more? Also how will this affect me having children

Hello lovely I’m sorry you are going through this, I had the exact same smear results earlier this year and straight up thought I had cancer I didn’t know about CIN 3 then.

Only colposcopies and biopsies can determine whether it is more than yet and yes it could be a possibility. However the chances of it being anything more than CIN 3 are extremely unlikely especially as you have had normal smears up until now. Even from CIN3 the average time is years for it to progress from CIN3 not months. They should get you an appointment for a colposcopy for severe dyskaryosis quickly to get this investigated.

I had a LLETZ for CIN3 and was told LLETZ can increase your chance of miscarriage or pre term labour or narrowing/closing of the cervix (which they can open again) but these are only minimal. I made it very clear I want children and they should do everything possible to preserve fertility.

You’ve got this try and keep busy stress won’t help anything. This forum is amazing for support and advise and talking to people going through the same as well as the phone lines to speak to someone, they are amazing I would highly recommend calling them if you are struggling x

Hi thank you for your reply. Thank you for your reassurance too. It’s just a nightmare tbh. How did your treatment and recovery go?
Hope you now have the all clear xx

I would love to hear from someone who has children after this. At present I am 38 so would like to try for one in the near future.

Only just seen this but hope it’s reassuring to hear I had a LLETZ before I had children (with a large area of abnormality so it was invasive) and carried both my babies to full term with no issues at all :heartpulse:. X

Thank you Katie, that has put my mind at ease a little. I’m still waiting on my appt so just hope it happens quickly. Thank you x

They will be very mindful of your situation and take that context into account. I hope your appointment goes well. Xx

Sorry to hear this, abnormal results are so unsettling. I would recommend calling your GP practice two weeks after the date of your result letter, to chase your colp appointment if you haven’t heard. The GP Practice should be able to follow this up for you, or provide you with a number for the colp clinic if they know where their patients are normally referred to. Hope all goes okay with your appointment. If you’ve never had one before, it’s just like a smear, only difference I found is they pop your legs in those holder things :slight_smile: