Re-diagnosis at lletz?



I had biopsies taken back at the end of july which came back as CIN3, I am going for lletz in a couple of weeks. Although they never mentioned the possibility of rediagnosis from the results coming back from the treatment, I was just wondering if anyone has been diagnosed with cancer after lletz treatment who were originally classes as CIN3 at biopsy?



Yeah I did but i think it seems really rare from what I've seen on here. It seems as though 99.99% of girls on here get the same results after LLETZ as they did at their biopsies so please don't worry about it -its so unlikely. 

My smear came back as severe changes. I had two sections of abnormal cells seen at colposcopy and so a biopsy taken from both. They came back as CIN3 so I had them both removed by LLETZ. Once they tested the samples after LLETZ they found cancerous cells within one of them. They were microscopic though, really tiny, which is why they weren't spotted until that time X

Yes, this is what the gynaecologist told me this morning when i had the procedure. Im sorry your situation was more complicated, but at least they caught it very early! Hope you are doing well with it all, and thankyou for your advice xxx

Not a problem! Hope you don't have to wait too long for your results - I know the waiting is horrible x