LLETZ treatment today

Hi there,


I haven’t posted in here before but I’m a little worried and confused and hoping you gorls are able to give me some answers.

 In February I went for my smear and my results showed I had abnormal changes. So I received an appointment for a colposcopy in April. At that appointment I had a punch biopsy taken and the results showed that I had CIN2 changes and needed LLETZ.

 I went to my next appointment in June thinking that I was going for LLETZ and the woman said that there were some CIN2 changes but that there was also some CIN1 so I could leave it and come back in 4 months and hopefully it would have returned to normal. It felt like this was what she was advising me to do as there were only some minor changes, so I agreed not to have it done then. 

 In October I finally get my appointment for my colposcopy where they took a smear and showed my on the screen. I could see at that point that there was a lot more white areas and said this to the woman who told me that it could just be new tissue. I got my results 4 weeks later which said I needed to go for LLETZ on Nov 26th but nothing about any grades or CIN changes. 

 Fast forward to today and I’ve been for my LLETZ treatment. I asked what the results came back as and the woman (different, much nicer woman than before) said grade 4. Is this CIN4? Stupidly I didn’t think about clarifying it whilst I was in there coz I was quite nervous. Was the woman right to have postponed it back in April? What are the risks of reoccurrence if it’s CIN4 as I can only find info about CIN3?


Thank you so much for any help or advise anyone can give me on this matter. 

Hi, i am new to this aswell, sounds like u have been having a time of it! Did u get any further info ?

i went for my normal smear, then got sent for a colposcopy and had a Lletz at the same time... I have never been told what cin it is / was and I am unsure if it has been sent for a biopsy! My head was pickled and all I heard was that’s u and we will see u in 6 months... ok thanks bye ! Is basically what I done and left the hospital as quick as i could for a wee cry to myself lol feel like I’m now a bit in limbo with it all xx