Just had my LLETZ results, feeling worried.

I had a LLETZ procedure on September 29th. Today I received my results.

I'll start with the good news. The lesion on my cervix (CIN3) was removed and reported as showing no malignancy.

Now onto the rest...

My initial biopsy from my colposcopy came back as a mix of CIN1 and CIN2, so to then be told that what they took out is CIN3 is a little worrying - either the results were wrong the first time around, or the cells have progressed very quickly!

I was expecting to be told I'd have to attend a smear test in six months time, instead the letter has informed me that they would like to see me again in six months for another colposcopy and HPV typing. I'm pretty worried - is this usual? Also, will this mean more biopsies? I had a really unpleasant time of it the last time they took biopsies and understandably I'm not keen to go through that again. Genuinely scared I'll have to go through this whole process all over again. I just want an end in sight!

Thank you for reading. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

I haven't had my results yet so I can't be sure but the nurse said to me when i have my 6 month check up it will be for a colposcopy as they like to check it looks ok/has healed