Awaiting lletz

My first smear came back with abnormal cells back in 2014 so I was having colposcopies every six months to monitor the CIN 1 cells.
I recently moved house so had to start the process all over again, repeat smear showed abnormalities again, at the resulting colposcopy they took three punch biopsies (normally it was one) and seemed quite surprised when I said it was my 4th colposcopy. Results came back as CIN 3 so having LLETZ treatment soon.
To say I’m petrified is an understatement, I’m worried because of the fast changes in cells since my last colposcopy and they took more biopsies. I’m probably over thinking everything but I’ve also had really irregular bleeding since the start of the year also which I put down to stress at the time.
If anybody could reassure me that I’m not being an irrational fool that would be great!! Thanks


Im waiting for my lletz too, I also had 3 biopsys and they said at the time everything looked fine, then I get a letter saying come in for lletz I rang and apparently as the nurse said on tge phone " its a higher cin further up" . I just said ok but once I got off the phone I thought higher up where?? ha

Just like u im left scared and confused so thats why im sending you a reply to say your nit alone 

Many hugs



I am due to have my LLETZ in 2 weeks, I am so worried! I'm having it with LA but I am super worried about the procedure. I am a very anxious person anyway, so I don't think this is something that will be very easy for me.

Hi everyone,

i know it's a scary time for you all now, so just wanted To see if I can help.

i had something similar my smear showed mild, doctor said he couldn't see much but did couple of biopsy's to be sure next I had cin2 and was booked in for a lletz. Like you all I was really scared to the point I almost refused the treatment as I couldn't get my head around it all.

my partner came with me which was a great support so try not to go alone, he convinced me to go through it - it didn't really hurt however I cried like a baby from the chair to the bed, all the way through until I was dressed. Its normal to be scared and worried but best to have the treatment, recovary is not too bad although takes a while to catch up emotionally I went from crying to shouting, to silence to normal again.

how you feel is normal it's a emotional rollercoaster but in time it will all be over and you will be able to carry on, try and talk to someone if you can and we are all here on jo's if you want to talk xx

Thank you all so much for the comments, you've all really helped. 

Jackerjen I can completely empathise, I'm hugely anxious as well but it seems it's only natural to feel that way after reading a few posts on this forum.