Lletz querry. plz 2 things.

hi all im just wondering if anyone knows the answer to this. i was told i had an abnormal smear with mild changes and sent for colposcopy, then results came back server CIN3. i am going for Lletz on 4th feb. i was just wondering if at this stage after testing cells they can be worse than they thought again or is it only going to be the Cin3 that they have said. i know this might sound silly but each stage i have gone through i have been told its worse than they thought. i had to book my own smear in the first place as i was having symptoms and only 24.


And the second thing is im having abnormal bleeding more often at the min, its not very heavy. you can tell its there but im not flooding. (sorry). so my question is if i happen to be bleeding on the day of my procedure will they go ahead with it or will they have to rescedual? im never going to know till the day if i am going to bleed or not.


thanks a lot ladies :)  



!Hi ya, 

I just thoughtI would let you know that I was on my period when I had my colposcopy and the doctor said it didn't matter as long as I wasn't bleeding heavily so they was able to do a lletz. Which wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, I worried for weeks about it wish I didn't know lol, I hope you are okay and good luck with your colposcopy huni, I am 2 weeks after having mine now, just waiting on my biopsy results now xx 

First smear 24 17/12/13

Results 24/12/13 Severe high grades found

Refered coloposcopy 13/1/14

Awaiting biopsy results xx 


awww thanks for reply hun. i have had my colposcopy already but having lletz seperate lol so more waiting. hope your results are good. x

Hi ya hun,

Aww bless ya I hating waiting it's the worst, just not knowing really bugs me lol, I had my treatment on same day as she Said it looked very serve and didn't want to leave it any longer, I hope you are okay to hun, if you need to talk, u can always give me a message, u can't help alot but a bit of support goes a long way :-) 

Take care sweet 



I had my colposcopy and lletz at same time..I was on last day of period which they said is fine as long as I was comfortable having it while on..I dont think wud be anything worse hun as u alreadu had thr biopsy done. .the lletz is to get rid of it x

Glad i seen this post i am going for letz uder ga tusday i come on thsday will i be ok to go ahead x 

thank you very much girls for reply. it does help a lot knowing that people are there to support. from what people have just said to me katie i think you will be ok if your not bleeding too heavily.  thanks again girls x