Worried about results and confused

Hello ladies , I hope you don't mind me asking . I can't stop thinking about things and I can't get any answers from the hospital because they never seem to answer the phone !!!

last month I had my 2nd smear that came back with a severe result. I was then rushed in for a colposcopy where I had a LLETZ treatment. They said the biopsy will be sent for testing and I would hear in 4 weeks .

I was never told what CIN grade it was ( I'm guessing it's going to be 3 because my smear was severe ) 

Am I right thinking this and if so what are the possibility of it coming back as cancer ?? 

I maybe completely wrong but for all you newly diagnosed ladies how many did your results from smear to diagnosis go.

thanks in advance and wishing you all the best .

It really is highly unlikely to come back as cancer. I have had several friends have severe/cin3 as their diagnosis and it has all been sorted In the Lletz. How long ago did you have your Lletz? Some people have even had their results downgraded after a Lletz. try not to worry, severe cells do not automatically mean cancer. Xxx

Please try not to worry, easier said than done I know! I had my LLETZ done nearly 4 weeks ago for CIN3 but wasn't told at the time.  My smear results just came back saying severe. I got my results by calling them last week, I called them and they said it was CIN3 but they took enough tissue and I would be having another smear in 6 months. I still haven't had my letter confirming this but feel so much better. I was like you and terrified of cc. Fingers crossed all will be fine for you too. Keep us posted and keep trying to call them xx