Confused by biopsy results

Hi everyone,

I really feel for everyone here on this site. It's such a petrifying experience to go through this! 
I've had some results that differ from each other and wanted to know if anyone has experienced the same.

Smear results detected CIN3 and colposcopy and punch biopsy confirmed this. I had the LLETZ treatment and the results came back saying 'this showed CIN2 only. There is no evidence of cancer. Due to this reassuring result you do not require further treatment'. 
Do not get me wrong, I am feeling somewhat relieved however I am confused how both smear and previous biopsy showed CIN3 but the parts they removed and sent off show CIN2. 

Should I be concerned that I still have some remaining CIN3? I've asked a consultant to call me but I haven't heard anything. 

Thank you all,



I think just believe it. Sounds good news.

they must be offering follow up though ?