CIN1, CIN2 and CIN3

Hi All, 

My results came back as CIN1, CIN2 and CIN3 carcinoma in situ. I have had to wait three weeks for them to review my 'future care plan' and I should get a letter sent tomorrow. However I did call the clinic and the lovely lady on the phone gave me her direct number and told me she will be in the meeting tomorrow so to give her a call in the afternoon and she will talk me through her notes so I do not have to wait for the letter. I am just wondering if anyone else has had all 3 at the same time and what their future care plan was. 

I know this is all preventative and cancer is very unlikely but I went through a lot of testing last year as I had CA125 in my blood and they thought I amy have had ovarian cancer, which I have a family history of. I am confident in knowing I do not have cancer, but having numerous hospital visits with the C word mentioned in relation to my health has affected me more than I thought it would. 

Any words of wisdom would be welcomed.


Hey SaraSSS!

Sorry you are in this predicament, but it is very common to have all three grades in a sample. Cells change at different rates and lesions grow outward so the middle is often a higher grade than the edges are. CIN II and III rarely clear themselves so a LLETZ is almost certainly your next step. For most people, that clears it up and you move on with life. Hoping that is what happens for you!

Best wishes and lots of positive energy to you!