Please need some love and support I’ve been experiencing a change in periods for two years went to gp and had ultrasounds told everything was normal then in July 2023 even went to a cancer specialist who said cervix looked normal no repeat of smear but I was getting worse yellow watery discharge fatigue weight loss back pain bowel and bladder issues a pain in vagina deep in pelvis even had a pelvic mri as I have a problem with my pelvic bones and still nobody recommended a colcocospy so because I was told I was ok I kept on I asked for repeat smear was told wasn’t due to jan 2024 and once again believed I was ok done my own research and hpv test which came back positive so went gp again in January to be told no the smear u just had said no hpv so go away for three years only now after another month of pain and three trips to a and e have they done a biopsy saying have to wait five weeks for results I know I have a tumour growing I know it’s advanced as all my symptoms are so bad I can’t sit or stand up without pain bleeding or discharge how can they leave you do bad my body also is turning bright red and feel nerve damage and still nobody taking it seriously I’m so scared i had to have a mri/ct scan for another problem and cdnt even lie down long enough I know I’m dying and I know my weak body cdnt even handle treatment does anyone know what palative treatment is?