colposcopy app and pos hpv result

  • hi, ive had my smear results in they were normal but i was positive for high risk hpv, ive had abnormal smears in the past and had treatment, that was so many years ago i cannot remember the details, ive not kept my smears regular, infact this one was 2 yrs late and im supposed to have them yearly still following my treatment years ago, not bee signed of that prob due to lack of more smear test results coming in, well thats what i think anyway maybe im wrong, ive been stupid and i feel silly, i hate having them, i suffer depression and i was raped and i hate being looked at like this, but now im scared they said i would be sent an appoinment within a two week wait and i have, this has scared me as i know the dreaded two week wait is only when cancer is suspected, the worst thing of all is i still havnt admited my problems to the doc, i have quite a few for the last few months so many i have chosen to bury my head instead, stupid i know, i have pain in my vagina constant and stabbing pains, pain during sex, the odd minor bleeding after sex and in between, discharge constant, pelvic pain, pain and constipation in my back end, bleeding after a poo, period pains all the time, bloating, urinating often and bladder pain, feeling like i havnt finished my wee all the time, pain in my knees and in my shoulder pain right in my bone, my collar bones, i think thats all, and none of which ive told the doctors about, im so scared and im going on my own aswell as husband is working :( i have a horrible feeling and scaring myself on google even more :( please help!

Hi stay away from google the best advice you will get is from here Hun . I had left it for 13 yrs due to panic attacks to have my smear I was lucky enough to have only cin3 now has been treated and I will never again miss any ! Talk to ur doctor and your worrys and see how they can help maybe relax

you near and at treatment ..

sorry I can't be much hepl

best wishes x

Hi winters. You are so brave To go and see someone now after all you have been through. When you have your appointment tell them about all your symptoms worries and concerns. Don't Google. Its the worst thing and will just scare you. The ladies on here can give you all the advice and support you need. We are all in the same boat and understands  HB at the waiting is the hardest bit. Good luck and try not to worry too much......easier said than done x

thanks for everyones reply, ive got my appoinment for next tuesday, im just scared with the swiftness of my app last time i had abnormal result i waited 6 weeks and its the same clinic, it didnt say emergency it just said on the letter i should be seen no longer than 2 weeks time as they need to look, considering ive told nobody but u guys about my syptoms why would they rush? i know the hpv result is not great but combined with a normal pap result why the urgency? did the nurse see something? ive no idea, im in such a panic about going, not just the worry but last time there was 3 women in the room, it was horid clinical room that felt like a theatre, it scared the hell outta me, not enough to make me go back yearly like im supposed too! im going to ask when that was and what was the problem back then as i feel i didnt take any of it on board at the time, it was very soon after my rape, i just shut down when they touched me, ive no idea what they did, in the letter from them it says they need to make sure previous treatment was sucessful, ive no idea what they mean by that ill have to ask, think i will take a note book, i have to go on my own too, i just have a horrible feeling :(