sorry if i shouldnt post here, need advise

Long story but here goes if anyone can give me some advice or opinion on what I'm going through that would be great...

I am 26 and was pregnant with my 2nd child when I turned 25 so they said to wait while baby was born to have my 1st smear. During delivery of my baby it was noted that they found a nodule on my cervix, discharge paper read " must have smear at 6 week postnatal, nodule found on cervix during delivery" that should have been end of January 2014, my gp refused this saying it was too soon. By the time they would do it, it was May... I went to the doctor for it doing, speculum in, go says " there's no way I can do this here, your cervix is a mess, I'm going to refer you to colposcopy for the smear" 2 week later I go to colposcopy unit for a smear (m colposcopy done, just had to be cleaned to get the smear done) 6 week later I got my results in the post,low grade cell changes,high risk hpv detected will be seen in October for 're smear and colposcopy. October comes I go for colposcopy, had the acid solution on, nurse says "everything looks fine, its cleared on its own no need for another smear you can have one may 2015"  

I must add that I have some very concerning symptoms, bleeding between periods and after intercourse, constant heavy discharge and bad lower back pain radiating round hips and down thighs.

I go away from that colposcopy feeling something is wrong, I know my body and this is not right, I keep going back to my gp and beg for answers as to what's wrong with me. They said "nothing, it's in your head, we are not going to do another smear because even if we do the lab will throw it away as you have had one 8 month ago and a clear colposcopy"

so my bleeding and pain gets worse. My other half can see I am not right and agrees we pay private to see a gyne and have smear done, this was December 15th 2014, she is disgusted at how my gp has treat me ect and does a thin prep smear, I got a call 19th from her, saying " your results have come back severe dyskaryosis and positive strain 16 hpv, I have informed your gp and you should here about a colposcopy within 2 week.

I got the letter and went 31st December for my colposcopy.

She said, I had a 1 cm cervical lesion near the opening that looked severe and suggest CIN3 

I asked if it was cancer nd she said it obviously can't be ruled out, she took punch biopsies and I'm now awaiting results! 

A few questions I have...

1. What now? 

2. How long will these results take?

3. Does anything I have said above make you think 'cancer'?

4. Do you think I have been treated badly or is this normal? 

I am rather worried at the fact I am in alot of pain and bleeding daily now.

Thankyou for listening to me rambling on, I hope I have made sense x 


Hello and welcome. Dont really know what else to say other than WOW what a journey so far. To try and answer your questions ill do so from what I know. Now unfortunately you just have to wait on the result, this is possibly the worst bit. My punch biopsies were sent away as urgent and came back within 7 days however he was fairly certain there was an underlying cancer. Most people wait betweem 4 and 6 weeks. Your symptoms can be a number of things although they are cancer symptoms we could all really diagnose ourselves with something using google and its never anything but scary. I wouldnt jump to conclusions some women have cervical cancer and completely asymtomatic and others develop symptoms in very early stages of cancer sometimes even pre cancer, we are all different. My symptoms were bleeding irregularly and leg pain, along with a discharge and a change in periods.

I think the system is slightly off in situations like this as far as im aware if you are experiencing irregular bleeding inbetwen your regular smears this is when you should just be referred straight to colposcopy for them to have a look. this avoids the smear test being thrown out or disguarded because it was clear previously. This is my understanding anyway.

any other questions I can answer for you just send me a pm. Charlene xx

Hi Flower,

I can answer only question 4. I think you have been treated appallingly. I am so glad your other half encouraged you to take it further. Really hoping everything goes well for you from now on.

Be lucky


Thankyou ladies, I just want this over with :-( 

This waiting for results is making me so anxious x 

Hi can anyone offer advice. I have had a smear test n got results 2 weeks ago. High dyskaryosis,  I had the colposcopy today. I m stressing so much as nurse said she thinks I will def need general anaesthetic to have the diathermy thing due to where affected. I m beside myself worrying its gonna be cancer. I ve never had any issues with smears before. She also mentioned mosaicism. Can anyone advise.

Hi Lisa

Just saw your post, are you ok?

Have they organised a date for you yet? Did she take a biopsy.

Easy to say but try not to worry (she says whilst knawing fingernails to the quick) you are in the best hands now. I know of quite a few people who have had LLETZ under a general and been absolutely fine. I think its mostly when its a big area, close to any of the walls (i.e likely to be painful) or if you are very nervous about treatment, although I am no expert. Most of the people who I know of went under general for one of those 3 reasons, nothing more.

Keep strong



Hi there just wanted to say two things: best of luck! And if you do have cancer, you should sue your GP!