Feeling confused and brushed off

so I had my first smear which was a year late ( very bad I no ) it came back as low grade with hpv and to go for a coloscopy which I went to Wednesday just gone, well I found it pretty traumatising and the doctor to be very abrupt I no he must deal with the same thing all day but I don't no he was very rough looked at my cervix for 10 mins an then just told me it's only mild cell changes and to come back in 3 years, I've read practically every post on here an most girls go back after a year so im now concerned as I get back ache and although I have the implant I've had it a year and half no probs now I'm bleeding constantly n sometimes after sex my minds just doing over time sorry for the rant just so confused as to why with cell changes id be told to go back after 3 years also having the hpv virus aswell :/ x

I think you should contact a differnt GP surgery and ask if they would do it differently.

It is always worrying when it involves your health.

much luck x