don't know what to do

I need some advice I have no idea where to go to next, I have symptons of advanced cancer back pain pelvic pain general feeling under the weather tired no energy losing weight (not sure f this is coz of something serious or my anxiety )

i have had smear which came back low grade and hpv 16 high strain then a colposcopy where the gynaecologist said looks Like nothing to worry about but will take biopsies for piece of mind 

these came back cin absent hpv absent and cgin absent and t zone present Consultant said nothing to worry about come back in 6 months more todo with my anxiety than anything said sometimes the smear can be different to colposcopy, the smear gets the cells where as the biopsy is the tissue and deeper 

he said this good news but i can't help but

think it's high up 

i am so worried something has been missed i am scared coz of the conflicting results, I am worried I have something higher up in cervix cgin higher up and it might be more sinister and

not being caught 

i am worried as I have had mild changes the last two years the gyneacologist didn't want to treat me or do lletz if no reason even though I wanted it I also wanted a ecc swab taken higher up and he said they don't do this as rountine

I have No idea what to do next my gp isn't concerned but I know my body and something isn't right. 

I have had ultrasound transvaginal one along with a pelvic mri which shows nothing but I don't believe it all coz of my symptoms 

can someone please help? Going insane no One is listening 

I would have thought the ultrasound and mri would have definitely picked something up if you did have something more going on (and of course I hope Not!)

When women are diagnosed the next step is an mri so this would show something up I'd hope if you've had a pelvic one done? I know how it feels when you know something doesn't feel right with your body and you just don't know what, not so much with this but I can relate. 

Has anyone chatted with you about any other possibilities? If there may be something else to look at not your cervix? I've had ovarian cysts before which created that kind of pain but was diagnosed by ultrasound. I've had back pain because I'm tall and had weak abdominal muscles (which I'm working on strengthening in the gym).

Maybe there is something else going on or hopefully a less serious cause. Anxiety is a nightmare to live with  (I live with mixed depressive and anxiety disorder) and when I was back I was in so much pain and not eating losing weight.

We just have to trust in that the treatments they do are to help keep us safe, and be reassured you're having a check up in 6 months. As youve probably been told or read he high risk strain doesn't mean you will get the cell changes just you are more likely than someone who doesn't carry it. Let them monitor you and keep going to your check ups and trust they do find the early changes.

Hope this helps or provides some reassurance xx

Also have you rang the Jo's helpline? If you havent im sure they will be really helpful for you, I spoke to a lady for the first time the other day who told me about things I didn't know! So kind and helpful give them a call xx