Lymphocysts / lymphoceles

I had a radical hysterectomy in July of this year following diagnosis of 1A1. I was having terrible bloating and just thought I was healing but at my first check up in November they felt a mass. A CT scan just three weeks ago has revealed three lymphocysts, one 11cm and two more (3cm and 1cm). At the time I didn’t really feel them but I can feel them really large now so they must have grown in that time. It’s like I am carrying a huge, hard rugby ball low down in my tummy. It seems to be affecting my organs around them as I am struggling to eat a lot and walk and when I do the pressure makes me have wooshing feelings like my bladder is about to burst. I’ve been told given they are symptomatic they want to drain them. I am currently waiting on news on the next steps and keep chasing as I am getting desperate as it’s so uncomfortable! Has anyone had a similar experience and knowledge of the draining process at all and likelihood of them coming back? Thanks