swollen lymph glands post op

Hi Ladies

Just as i thought i had turned a corner in recovery a little backward step  has occurred:(

Have just spent a few days back in hospital due to fluid leakage and awful  pelvic pain.  I have had CT scan which has shown pocket of fluid  and enlarged lymph nodes.Docs suspect pain probably caused by infection in pelvic area.

At time of op lymph nodes removed were clear so this is now concerning me that some are enlarged. I am now on course number 6 of antibiotics and hope this time infection is resolvedand pain will be reduced.

I am assured by docs fluid leakage will probably resolve itself in time but last resort would be surgical procedre to drain : ((((

CT is to  be repeated in a month.

Has anyone else had a similar experience after seeming to be recovering well??

Best wishes to everyone





Hi Kath,

sorry I have no advice but just wanted to see how you were doing?  Hope the docs have been able to help you xx

Hi Andrea

Thanks for your reply.

1 week on and taking  a  more specific antibiotic for the bacteria found I feel so much better thankyou.

CT to be repeated end Feb then discussion with docs again for results  early March

I know you have been through so much more and hope you are doing ok. Do you have results yet?  Will keep everything crossed for you. xx

From other lovely ladies posts on here i realise it is perfectly normal but i wish i could get rid of the pessimistic doom that keeps creeping into my head!

Well done you on getting through such awful but essential  treatment and still supporting other ladies.

Family and friends are fab but i often find i hold back my inner feelings to protect them so its great to talk to ladies on here who have experience of similar thingsLaughing

Best wishes


Hi Kath,

so glad you're managed to get different antibiotics and you are feeling better...hopefully no more setbacks and you continue improving.  After going through so much I suppose its normal to encounter infections as your body is tired and immune system compromised somewhat...

I'm doing ok physically and am hoping to go back to work in some capacity later this month.  I've got some minor issues with my bowel and stiffness in my joints but nothing major...just feel a bit older than my 41 years after treatment lol.  No results yet but had first checkup last tuesday.  I was quite flat when I came out of the appt as found out my results appt is 16/4 following an mri at end of March.  I am the same as you in that I also hold back my feelings to close friends and family as I dont want them to worry.  Think I made a rod for my own back by be so constantly upbeat that they may well panic if they knew my worries at the moment.  The wait is taking its toll a bit at times so thats why I've made the decision to go back to work and see how it goes. Was really grumpy and snappy with my poor hubby yesterday but couldn't give a rational reason and wonder if menopause is setting in lol...that can be my excuse for odd behaviour going forward!!

Lovely to hear from you and really am pleased you're ok...wishing you lots of luck with the CT





Hi Andrea

Gosh that really is a long wait for your results. I am sure there is a very good reason but once again more waiting is so hard to deal with!!

Good for you thinking of going back to work. My head wants to but my body refuses to comply at the moment! My job involves a lot of heavy lifting so i think it will be a while before i am full time but may go back on light duties soon.Like you say will probably stop the overthinking.

I am also beginning to suffer menopause symptoms i think. Nothing too bad just a bit hot now and again. Think my mood is ok but maybe my hubby would say different lol

I am reluctant to take HRT unless it becomes unbearable so will wait and see.

Good luck over the next few weeks and hope the symptoms you are suffering with reduce in time.

Best wishes