5 days post radical hysterectomy

Hi all,

This is my first post and I just wanted some honest advice for everyone that has gone / or is going through this.

Five days ago I had a rad hysterectomy with the intention to keep ovaries (I am 36). The op apparently went to plan but had endometriosis on left ovary so they had to remove it. I cam out of hospital 2 days later. Since then, I have suffered from anxiety really badly. I keep thinking I am going to stop breathing, that I have blood clots travelling to my lungs, that my wounds internally are not healing etc etc.
I have past anxiety/depression issues but I was fine when diagnosed.

I have had my first ‘ok’ day today but just when upstairs to open my bowels and noticed that my right hand side of stomach is really noticably swollen. Is this normal to have visiable swelling that moves from side to side. Im gutted cause I was having a nice night and now I am freaking out again.

If anyone has any similar experiences please feel free to comment!

Thanks in advance
Stacey x

Hi Stacey, hope you are feeling a bit better. I never really suffered from anxiety issues before but just after the op and for a few weeks I was convinced I was suffering from everything under the sun! I had and still have issues with my leg, I'm told it's because of the removal of lymph nodes. I had myself convinced I had lymphodema too. It was of course nothing but my body recovering. Your body has taken a battering, particularly your poor bladder. Everything takes a good few weeks to settle down. My tummy swelled up and down constantly.bdont know about moving side to side, mine was always swollen on left side noticabily.

best go see your gp even just for some reassurance. Take care xx

Hi Stacey 

welcome & this is defiantly the best place to post any concerns

Im day 6 post radical hysterectomy (both ovaries & lymph nodes removal ) so we are on this journey together.

i have been up and down over last few days and I have had times when I feel something different and wonder what the hell is going on inside !

Ive had no bowel moveme so far (Ive had tablets to make me go & a suppository before I left hospital but to no avail ) my tummy is very swollen and praying each day it will go down.

Ive suffered with nausea and pins & needles in my feet & hands have you had this ? Plus I still have a catheter in ! Do you Have this too ?

If your concerned them don't hesitate to call the consultant !


Hi Stacey :-)

A radical hysterectomy is a MASSIVE operation. Your poor body will spend quite a while in shock and then it will take several weeks to go through the healing process. I am so sorry to hear that you also have anxiety/depression issues, not fun at all :-( But, slowly, slowly you will see your body recover from this onslaught and everything will settle down and be OK.

Be lucky :-)

Hi Confetti,

Yes I have a cathetar in and getting it taken out tomorrow. We both had our ops on the 27th! 

I ended up in A&E lastnight till early hours. The doc reckons it is where I am injecting the fragmin as I have tended to stick to same side. It is still very swollen this morning and have developed very big patches of bruising around my stomach and hip. I also have terrible trapped wind.

my bloods were teetering on the high side to show possible infection but  not given any antibiotics at this point.

He did give me reassuramce that the body will do what it needs.to do to try and heal so you just have to go with it! Hard though isn't it?



Thanks for your advice Amethyst  xxx

Hello, I had a hysterectomy in March and would like to offer a tip to Confetti re bowel movement. I also suffered the same as you. No amount of medication helped and the days kept going by with no relief. I then discovered figs. I had not eaten them before surgery, and would not eat them again, but they did the trick.

I cut a couple up very small and stirred them into food. Porridge, rice pudding, on cereals. Did not know I was eating them. If you can eat them without doing that all the better. You will find it works very well. Hopefully anyway. I found it excellent. I hope you feel better soon.

I sorry I cannot offer help with the original poster re swelling. I hope you can get an answer. I know how it feels when something seems not right. About 4 months post surgery and still have worries when something unusual happens.

Hi Mary

I will definitely try the figs !

at this movement in time I'm happy to try anything !!

thank you xx

Hi Stacey 

did you get your catheter out ?

Im still at the hospital 4 hours later waiting on blood test results & a consultant to come & see me as I have been bleeding and the nurses won't remove my catheter until they can work out why !!


Glad to be able to offer a suggestion Confetti. I am sure you know this, but if you can drink 2 litres of water a day also, that will help. I know early days for you, but again, if you can walk up the road for 10 mintues, that also helps. Sorry if you know this. I was like you, and glad to try anything. I did screw my nose up when it was suggested but had to go with it as desparate. Glad I did now. It may take a day or two to work.

Hope you can gets some figs and it does the trick.

Best wishes to you, and everyone else.

Fresh figs or dried? (Trying to get prepared for Friday!)

Confetti, did they find why you're still bleeding? Did they take the catheter out? I hope you're feeling okay. How far are you able to walk at this point? I'm generally a pretty active person but am trying to prepare myself for what to expect physically as I don't want to overdo it and regret it later. 

These are the ones:


All supermarkets will have their own version.

Good luck

You are right not to overdo things after surgery. You will need to rest alot and also do some walking. I only managed to walk 10 minutes most days for about 4 weeks. Things then got better. Rest when you can. I just used to fall asleep without warning.

All the best to you. I hope goes well. Make sure you have something for wind. It is very painful - well it was for me.

Hi ladies:

So glad you are through with surgery and doing well. 

I'm 6 weeks post simple laproscopic hysterectomy today so I thought I'd chime in too.

Bowels do take a while to get going again. Mine took about 5/6 days to start up again. I did take a gentle laxative from about day 3 post op and the occasional stool softener. I tried prunes once or twice.  Water is very important to keep things moving around and flush out everything. I also had a couple of cups of coffee a day too which always gets me going. 

As Mary says, walking is important. 5 mins a day if poss, building up. [I'm at a mile now, but I don't go at any speed. "A romantic stroll" is how my doc explained the pace.] 

Sleep, rest, put your feet up, nap whenever. DO NOT LIFT ANYTHING. Nothing over 5lbs for first couple of weeks. I did some weeding on week 3 and felt twinges and had some spotting. Very silly.

I think the toughest thing after the first few weeks is that you feel so well and all you have are 4 or 5 tiny scars, that you think you are all better.  You are not.  There is massive healing going on inside so you have to be patient and let your body do it's thing. 

Personally, as a lazy git, I like nothing better than flopping around with an excuse not to do anything, but from what I've read on here, many women leap up to do housework and cook. Do not do that. My doc said 6 to 8 weeks before i could resume my usual exercise activities. I was cooking and wandering around after a couple of weeks. No hoovering though.

Hope you all feel tons better soon. 

t xx

Hi ladies 

sorry I've missed a few messages it been a dreadful few days.

Finally got my catheter out after spending 8 hrs at the hospital as they wouldnt remove it due to the bleeding. (They still have no idea what caused it other than it maybe being a build up of fluid that has then come through a small hole ) any catheter finally out but omg the pain since having it removed has been awful. I like to think I have a good pain thresh hold I don't take tablets often & just get on with things.

I now have a urine infection so on more tablets , good news is I can now poop (I'm not surprised with all the prunes , figs , fig juice , laxitives etc it had to happen eventually )!!!

The problem I have now is constant pain in my tummy above my belly button so sharp it makes me cry, I'm 10 days post op and can I just walk to the bathroom every step I take the pain just shoots up has anyone else had this ? Really thought by now I would be alot fitter!

Im 38 within my BMI and take regular exercise (before this) just seems to be taking forever ! 

Hi Stacey 

did you get your catheter out ?

Mel x

Sorry to hear you're having such a hard time Confetti. I hope you've got some good pain killers.

I finally saw my consultant yesterday and discussed the op. She really seems to think the laparoscopic hysterectomy has a quick recovery. She said I might only be in hospital overnight. However reading things on here, I'm not so sure. I suppose I'll have to take it as it comes. Surgery is at midday tomorrow.

Fingers crossed the pain eases over the next couple of days, otherwise perhaps you should give the hospital a call.

How are you feeling now Stacerino?

Hi confetti:

Did you get pain meds? Take them! That is one helluva incision inside and it's going to be sore for a while. Rest, rest, rest. I'm beginning to think I got off really lightly. I did have a short, sharp pain for the first couple of weeks when I finished emptying my bladder and that was it. Was your surgery laproscopic? I'm thinking it was. Don't be fooled by the outside looking fine. There is a lot of healing going on inside so don't do too much. Having said that, if the pain doesn't start getting better I would call my doctor, just to be sure.

Girl with most cake:How was Glastonbury?  I hope you'll be as lucky as me. My surgery was at 8am and I was in my hospital room by noon. Catheter came out following morning and I was home by 2pm. I did take a couple of Oxycontin that first night home, but that was it. Very little gas and no bleeding. Very very lucky. Mine was a simple hysterectomy, not radical, so that may make a difference. It was also robotic, which apparently makes the surgery quicker, but I have no idea whether that makes any difference to anything else. Your op is Friday? Let us know how you do.

t xx

Yeah, op is tomorrow. Laparoscopic and will take 4-5 hours. I'm having radical with removal of lymph nodes but hopefully le ovaries, provided they look normal. Expected hospital stay is a night or two. The catheter is to remain in for three days so I will go back on Monday to have it removed. my consultant said I'll go home on paracetamol and ibuprofen with some codeine as back up but might need morphine in hospital. I've never had morph before so fancy having some even if I don't need it! 

Im feeling okay about it. A little more emotional than usual but not too bad. 

Glastonbury was great. Very very muddy, but loads of fun. I felt heaps better about everything when I got home so I'm very pleased that I delayed things to allow me to go. It was definitely good for my mental health.