loop biopsy 2 days ago bleeding now

sorry for to much information i have a loop biopsy two days ago for the first two days i was only spotting nothing to much, but the last few hours its like a really heavy period is this normal thanks

Hi Tasha,


I had mine done two days ago too, and have only been bleeding slightly up to yet. However, the nurse did tell me there would bleeding similar to a period, I have read some other women have had heavy bleeding too so i don't think it's too unusual? If your worried though go and see your doctor As you want to be sure there's no infection.


Hope this helps,


Thank you Kate ) I was only spotting until yesterday afternoon, my consultant did t really mention if bleeding like a period said if changing pad every hour go straight to a & e funny things our bodies xx hope your recovering well xx

I've found so much more information from here and other sources. I hardly got told anything after I had the procedure so I didn't really know what to expect, accept don't have a bath/use tampons/intercourse etc. I only really had cramps yesterday, today I feel totally fine. (Dont want to jinx myself though!) How are you? 

I wish i was ok after it i had loop biopsy on monday and ive had pain every day since then, but luckily so far not too much of a bleed but i know thats going to change as i had to have my mirena coil removed befor the LLETZ. Ive learnt more on here that i didnt know about like i didnt realise you werent to have a bath until i read a few forums on here luckily i shower so im ok there. Hope your both still ok x

Hi Kate, I also had LLETZ on Wednesday for CIN 3. 

I wasn't told about not taking a bath so I did on Wednesday evening as I had bad cramps, I then read about not taking a bath Oops! Luckily it was just a boring bath! No bubbles etc so hopefully I've cause no problems.  

I bled immediately and still are, quite light to what I was expecting. I have no choice but be lifting etc as I have 18 month old twins so I'm up and down every 2 minutes, just trying to take it easy so I don't increase the bleeding or anything. 

I feel a little tender in my lower stomach but nothing much so all is good so far! 

Did they take the biopsy at the time of LLETZ? I had my LLETZ and colposcopy at the same time. Which should put us around the same time to receive the results 


I'm bleeding like a heavy period it's quite unplessant a few cramps, just hoping it's not an infection coming as im in Wales at the moment xx

Oh no, typical perfect time to start with an infection. 

Are you taking pain relief? Try to keep on top of them to keep any discomfort to a minimum. 


I try to avoid painkillers just because if I take them often they tend to stop working :/ how are all of you feeling now xx

I've decided to develop an infection... yay! :-| Started antibiotics today so hopefully it should clear up in a few days! Xx

Hi scrunchy face,

oh ni that's not good to hear about your infection! They decied not to tak a biopsy (I think it's because I was on my period) but they gave me the option of having the lets treatment there and the or going back a week later for it as it would be less sensitive. Yes we'll be recieving our results around the same one! I'm so confused as they didn't even tell me what CIN I was or anything so I'm a little confused! I just want a hot bubble bath!! :( hope everythings going ok with you! 

I did a little reading up a few days before my appointment on what questions to ask etc. 

I don't think I would have been told if I hadn't asked, so I'm glad I did. 

I'm a bath girl too! There's nothing nicer than soaking your troubles away! I'm glad I managed to sneak in 2 baths before I got my infection as sadly it's showers from now on :-( 

Must be a nightmare for ladies who only have a bath, having to do a strip wash I assume. 

Did you get a number to call after your LLETZ? I was given one for if I had any questions. If you have you could always ring and ask away! I'm better writing things down first as I tend to forget! 

They did the colposcopy, lletz and biopsy all at the same time for me which was good, saved messing about and going again!

Hopefully you get your questions answered.