Loop Biopsy 2 weeks ago, now feeling ill


I had my loop biopsy two weeks ago tomorrow, I didn’t really have any bleeding afterwards…just a brownish discharge. Yesterday I started bleeding properly, not a huge amount, but definitely not just discharge anymore. Today I have quite bad stomach pains, but higher up in my stomach…not low period cramps.

Has anyone else had anything like this? I dont want to rush to the doctors like a lunatic thinking I’ve got an infection if it’s totally normal.

Thanks x

Hi Elizabeth,

im not sure I can help as I only had my surgery 3 days ago, so I'm pretty early on in my recovery stage. I always think its best to ask your doctor if you have any concerns though, better safe than sorry.

i really hope you feel better soon, get lots of rest! 

Karina x 


I had the same thing at the same time. Is the blood bright red? I noticed I bled a small amount on Saturday just gone but ignored it because I didn't want to waste docs time...I wish I did...I was rushed into hospital yesterday and by the time I got there and seen to my blood count was low because I ended up having severe bleeding. 

I wrote a post about it this morning. I don't want to alarm you because everyone is different and the nurse said it is rare and it is probably nothing but I just wanted to tell you do not hesitate going to the docs or call 111. There is no harm in asking if you have concerns x

Yeah it's bright red, which it hadn't been before yesterday. I thought if anything it would be clearing up now, not appearing to be fresh blood - sorry for the detail! 

I think I'll ring the doctors and just try and speak to someone, just in case. 

Hope you're okay and you start feeling better X 

Yeah it's best to speak to someone just to be on the safe side. 

I'm doing ok now. Just in abit of pain. Going to phone the docs in the morning because I think I'm bleeding again.

Hope everything goes well x

I had mine last Tuesday. No bleeding afterwards but discharge, which I thought was wee & I had lost bladder control. Today I started my period - 6 days later & it's hugely painful & smelly.