period issues?

Hey guys,

Im hoping someone has had a similar experience to this... had a biopsy and cauterisation on April 2nd... after which i had 10 days of discharge followed by some bleeding and an infection. Since then tho, my period has been so messed up... i was like clockwork before, 28 day cycle... but now its anything from 17-21 days and when i get my period the bleeding is bright red... it last anything from 5-9 days and its really getting me down... i freak out that its a sign of something more sinister but my biopsy results showed viral changes only... im just not sure if im panicking over nothing tho! Hopefully someone has some idea if this is normal or not!

Thanks in advance!

Hi there,

I think it would be safe to say that the cauterisation and biospy would cause a little diruption with your periods and possibly change them. Bright red blood isnt really anything to worry about and it may settle over time or it may just be that thats their "new normal" but the cycle should regulate and be more regular. have you discussed it with your doctor?


Take Care.

Charlene xx

Hi there, 

I'm not too sure how the loop treatment has affected my periods yet as my last one coincided with the post loop bleeding! But I know the prior biopsies messed up the one before that and it came a good 10 days early. I mentioned it to the consultant when I went back for the full treatment and he was not surprised or concerned. In fact, pretty much finished my sentence when I say "my period was very...". As Charlene says, I think it's pretty much to be expected that things will be messed up a bit!

Emma x