Over 3 weeks after loop biopsy.. bleeding with clots


Just wondered if any of you ladies can put my mind at rest. I had the laser treatment and loop biopsy over 3 weeks ago, and bleeding was quite light. Though this week it’s become a little heavier, thicker with small clots (sorry for the tmi). Also still having a lot of pelvic/hip pain. Not always in the same place. Buts it’s either a dull cramp, or short sharp pains.

Ive been to the doctor, she examined me and took a swab. She couldn’t see an infection, but even her examining me was really painful. She told me that there’s still bleeding from both sides and it’s not healing as well as it should (?) She put me on antibiotics just incase. I called the hospital to speak to the consultant but haven’t received a call back. Was told by his secretary that it’s probably just my period. But that happened a week ago and she just made me feel stupid.

Anyone else experiences problems like this? They still haven’t got my results of my biopsy back yet, but I fear it isn’t good news. 


It sounds to me like you do have an infection. Pain and bleeding are both classic signs. Hopefully the antibiotics will help.

I had an infection after my 2nd Lletz and i had to be admitted to hospital. However, in my case the bleeding was horrendous and i was passing clots the size of satsumas about every half hour. So I had absolutely no doubt that i needed to go to hospital!

I would suggest you ring the clinic in the hospital where you had the procedure and speak to one of the nurses. My hospital has gynae nurses that will chat to you on the phone, who are there to answer exactly the kind of questions that you have.

I hope you feel better soon


Thank you so much. I did try and get someone to call me, but they didn’t. Feeling much better.. though still have slight pain, but now light bleeding but I haven’t finished my antibiotics yet.


thank you so much for putting my mind at rest. I was convinced it wasn’t an infection and something more sinister. 


And ooor you! That sounds absolutely awful!