Scary experience today

I apologise in advance for this post but jut want to know if anyone else has been through the same. I had a Lletz an biopsies on Sunday in hospital and since then I've been crampy but not bled an awful lot. Today I needed the loo for a number 2 and wen I went I felt a gush and a lot of blood came out in to the toilet. It was bright red and was also there wen I wiped! It defo didn't come from my backside and it has worried me ! Is this normal? I'm still very crampy?! Help?! 

exactly the same as me mrs m last night the bleeding started when I was on the toilet but am not sure if that was to do with the procedure because that's how I ended up were I am with gushes of bright red blood. But it did ease an then eventually stop till last night. Hope your ok Hunni xx

Really?? Why made it worse is that I was at a friends house. I wouldn't normally have a number 2 anywhere but at home but I was desperate. It really scared me :0( the bleeding seems to have subsided now but I've still got a pad on so we'll see.

thanks Dominique86 xx

I've had bleeding like that for the last 4 weeks now so getting quite use 2 it! I'm sure it's all normal due to your procedure xx

I hope so. Xx

Hi I've had this procedure twice now and on both occasions had bright red blood, it's normal for this to happen and will ease in time then turn to a brown discharge, aren't we the lucky ones :-). 

If you're worried at all give your gp a ring, no point in worrying unnecessarily.

hope things go well for you.


sarah x

When I had my colpscopy I didnt bleed for the first 5 days and I thought maybe I wouldnt, and then my god did I bleed, and mine was bright red too, I bled for about 2 and a half weeks and I felt completely drained :( 

Hope you feel a little better soon xx