Random bleeding - scared!

Hi All,

had my colposcopy on wednesday. Had period like pain and the horrible silvery grey discharge. Also stung when Id pee. The stinging has stopped and now, tonight, I've stared bleeding. Bright red blood and have stomach cramps. Is this normal? Doctor didn't say anything about bleeding, just the silver grey discharge. 

Feeling a wee bit scared now incase something is wrong. They took 2 biopsies on Wednesday so could it just be that???? 

any advice appreciated 


m xxx 

Don't worry! Bleeding is normal, I had mine yesterday and have been bleeding like a normal period since. If you're worried by Monday maybe just phone up the clinic but on my leaflet it says you could get bleeding or discharge for up to 4 weeks. 

Might be different with a biopsy but with lletz they say if you pass large clots or soak a normal pad within a couple of hours to get advice. Also look out for (TMI) anything that smells wrong (ie not like normal period blood smell) as could be a sign of infection although being a biopsy chances of that is small.  It really depends how much of your cervix they biopsied and how it is healing. Take it steady so your body can repair.Xxx