After Loop Procedure

Hi all, I am a brand new member, and just wanted some advice and some guidance.


I am 25 and had my smear test about 2 weeks ago, and it came back that I have severe high-grade abnormal cells. I then quickly got my lleutz conforming my hospital appointment for a colposcopy which I attended last Friday. At this appointment I was told that I would actually be having the LLETZ procedure instead. It all went fine and a bit of my cervix has now been sent off and I am awaiting my results. However, after this took place I felt fine - no pain or anything so I went back to work and carried on as normal.


Now it is Monday, I went to work and have the worst cramps as well as all of the nasty bleeding and discharge (sorry) and I was just wonderinf if this was normal so many days later? I have had to come home from work as the cramps are so bad (I don’t usally get period pains so I assume this is what they feel like). So now I’m worried as my boss seemed to be annoyed with me! Any advice would be great xoxo


I had the same. I had lletz on the 8th Feb and had my period two days after. But then that stopped and I felt ok. But then on Saturday I started bleeding again and have awful cramps. From what I have read it's totally normal and you shouldn't be worried unless it's painful, with lots and lots of blood etc. Hope you feel better soon x

Hey girly...

I had my second lletz Monday last week and was the exact same as you, no probs on the day then the afterwards I was really crampy more than usual and generally feeling sore and rubbish.  The discharge seems to be absolutely normal as far as my experience.  I took some time off after both due to pain and I was lucky my boss was ok but was feeling guilty for it anyways!

After my first lletz I did get an infection which was really painful, vomiting and a foul smell that was a Nightmare, so if you get any of those symptoms it may be something to talk to the GP about!

Hope you feel better soon and good luck with your journey and hope things are ok with your work it's alot to be going through for you xxx

Thanks girls!

It seems to be a tough time, I have also come over all emotional at the moment - but hopefully I will feel better soon x