Lletz bleeding advice plz!

Hello everyone, just looking for abit of advice, I had Lletz with LA on Monday morning after I had biopsy results of CIN 2, I had hardly any discharge n no bleeding until Thursday morning I ud a slight pink watery discharge, by Thursday afternoon I was bleeding bright red blood and having strong stomach cramps. I am still bleeding bright red blood and at time sorry for TMI at times I can feel it running out and each time I go to the loo I turn the water red! I rang the number provided on my information leaflet provided but the staff nurse didn't really help much, she said it was difficult to asses someone's bleeding over the phone, which I appreciat, she asked if it was heavier then my normal period which it is, she said I should maybe monitor it but if it felt like it was worse go to my local A&E, she asked if I was soaking a pad every hour! Now at work earlier I was definitely changing my pad every hour or more but what is classed as soaking a pad cos I was changing as soon as i'd noticed the blood ad gone through to the back of the pad?! Sorry if I'm being too graphic, I'm just trying to assess whether im bleeding too much or if this is normal, I don't want to be wasting anyone's time making an unessacary trip to A&E or out of hours doctors plus I've work in the morning, n there's too much conflicting information on line, seems each NHS trust gives slightly different info on what is n isn't normal, so I'm just slightly confused, so any help would be great fully appreciate. Sorry for the long rant but thanks in advance for any advice offered

I bleed really heavy soaking pads waking up in a mess daily for 6 days, told the hospital they said heavy bleeding was normal, but definitely get your self checked if your not happy, I'm still bleeding 12 days later but not as heavy thank god!! X

I think it can be sign of infection as well xx

Thanks for sharing your experience with me, Its so hard not knowing what is n what's not normal!! I think I'll ride it out til tmoz n see how I am, think if I'm still same I'll make an appointment just to put my mind at rest! To be honest since this whole thing started I've never been as much of a worrier!! Off to bed now with a hot water bottle, see what tomorrow brings

I had light bleeding/discharge with a bit of funny smell. I waited few days and went to gp and got some anti biotics and swabs taken. I think infections are very common. As if we haven't been through enough! Xx