loop biopsy. heavy bleeding


So I had a loop biopsy 17 days ago. It went really well, wasn't too painful and I had my coil removed while they were there.

After it I had no bleeding what so ever until day 12 and that was spotting. I had a discharge but I was aware of that anyway so I wasn't worried.

However today the (17th day) I was fine in the morning. Did my normal stuff. Then I went to the loo about 9ish and was shocked to see a lot of blood. (I had the copper coil so my periods were heavy).

I changed and thought hmm... I don't think I'm due on until next week so I decided to check 10 minutes later. (What a good job I did too) I bled loads!

So I called 111 to ask for advice because I was very worried. By then I had checked period dates and if it was a period it would have been a week early, which is weird for me as I suffer from PCOS.

I waited for a call back from a Dr (I was sat down) when I stood up it all came away. I cannot tell you what it was like it was horrid. So long story short I went to A&E. They were amazing! 

I'm all good got the all clear, but has anyone else had extremely bad bleeding. Like through pad, knickers and jeans front and back?

I had this before I was diagnosed I would bleed what seemed like an entire period in 30 minutes and have blood clots that looked like flesh coming out of me, I also have psos.

Gosh, I've never had anything like that before. Mine lasted for 3 hours, it was the worst experience of my life. 

Has yours stopped now? X