Looking for Support

I am 49 and I am looking for any shared experiences.  Here is my background


2/2019 first Abnormal smear and HPV negative

8/2019  abnormal smear and HPV negative 

6/2020  abnormal smear and HPV positive (negative for 16, 18 and 45)

7/2020 Colposcopy biopsy outer cervix CIN I and Inner between CIN I and II

I am now scheduled for the knife cone biopsy.  Very nervous for results.  I would love to here experiences anyone could share especially about this procedure.  I will be put to sleep.  I have a kidney stone that I need to have lithotripsy on before my biopsy.  Thank you!!

I had a cold knife cone biopsy for CIN III. The procedure took fifteen minutes so I was barely out for any amount of time. I was pretty sore the first week, but I went back to work the next day and was fine as long as I stayed pretty still. The pain for me was more of a soreness than a sharp pain. I only took ibuprofen and was fine. There was some bleeding and discharge for a couple of days but nothing like I expected. Basically, I would not sign up for it for fun, but it was quick and easy with fairly minimal pain. If you have any specific questions, feel free to private message me, and I will be happy to answer them!

Thank you for replying.  Do you mind telling me why you did not do the hysterectomy when it was recommended initially?  I have been so anxious.  I have never had any problems and this all happened.  I have a son who was accidentally shot in 2016 and is now a paraplegic and then a year later he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. He is now in remission.