Leep or Cold Knife?


Long story short, I have had two previoius abnomral Paps. One in 2008 and 2012 and had coloposcopy's for both and was given the green light. Following paps were normal.

In the fall of 2017, I had an abnormal pap with Low grade cell changes but had just become pregnant so no action was taken. Fast foward to November 2018, I re-did my pap which came back abnormal and had a colposcopy. I had moderate cell changes. My Dr. is reccomending a cold knife cone biopsy and said this is a bit of an aggressive procedure for my cell changes, but it wil give a clean biopsy.

Any thoughts on whether I should consider the Leep instead of cold kinfe? I really do not want to be under anasthesia but will do what is needed for treatment. 

Has anyone had cold knife biopsy? If so, what was the outcome?

Thanks so much!

Hi iv not had the cone thing but i had a abnormal smear in may 18 & got a letts procedure.  It came back cin3. I found iv been in pain since then, on my repeat smear at 6 months they found more cin3 so i got a cold coagulation in dec 18 & some pinch or punch biopsy. i was fine after it for about 3 weeks pain free which was a releaf as for 7 months since the leap/lettz it was horrific pain like being in labour during my periods & the rest of the month was like an ache.  

Now 4 weeks on the hospital have phoned to say the biopsy's show i still have the cin 3 so iv to go back next week for another procedure either lettz or more cold coagulation. I could cry coz i hate hospitals its never going away & i think you might be best getting the cone & that being it over with than the drama iv had 

let me know how u get on best of wishes 


I haven't had a cold knife cone but I have had 2 lletz under GA and would like to reassure you that going under anaesthesia was fine. I was scared beforehand but honestly is was a really positive experience. I was able discuss my worries with the aneasthatist on the day of the procedure and she was amazing. She made sure I had an anaesthetic that wouldnt make me nauseous - as this was my main fear. And i felt great after the procedure and was skipping down the hospital stairs when i left a few hours later.

I dont know if the cold knife procedure is the best option for you but dont let the fear of anaesthetic put you off. I would choose GA over local any day!