Cold knife cone biopsy. Does anyone have a similar experience?

Hi everyone. I am new here, although I have been watching this site since my journey began 3-almost 4 years ago. This page has been a huge comfort.

I had a smear in 09 aged 20 after having my daughter before being fitted with the implant…all normal. I had another smear done aged 23 which came back abnormal with cin3, cgin and SMILE. They did the hpv test which apparently was done inappropriately (not sure what this means). I have been seen continuously since all back with cin3 even after two LLETZ treatments. So as it stands I have not had a break yet.
I attended my appointment on the 1st September (almost two weeks ago) and I was told all cervix is now clear but the abnormalities are now by my womb. This appointment I was seen by someone else who needed to do a more thorough exam. She said she would only take biopsies if she needed to, she then took 2 biopsies. She said my case will be discussed at the mdt meeting (for the 4th time) and I will receive an appointment letter with treatment which will be cold knife procedure under GA this time around. I am hpv negative so unsure what could be causing all this inconvenience. Still waiting results.

Sorry for long post, I would just like to know if anyone has a similar experience and what the outcome was? Has anyone fallen pregnant after the cold knife op? I am not nervous about all this anymore as it’s been dragging on, it’s just draining.

Tia for replies.

Hi laura, 

Same as you I'm new to posting on here and have been watching this site for over 7 years and had brought me much comfort.

I am 34 and have been sufferring with ongoing abnormalities since I was 19. It was only ever picked up due to me being pregnant ( unaware) and mis carried.

over the years, I've had all sorts mainly high grade dysk and cin 3 . I've had so many lazer treatments, letz and loop .

I had severe abnormalities in 2011 where similar to you it had spread from my cervix to the beginning on the womb/ neck of womb.

They treated cervix with letz and it seemed to have cleared that part. I had to have a cone procedure ( not sure if it was cold knife ) to cut the small part of the neck of womb but this was under local as the wanted to act immediately. 

I had to sign something to say there is a very small chance but could affect any later pregnancy. I at the time panicked so much and read it wrongly that I may not ever have children. 

after the above I was given all clear and told to return in 2 years to be checked again. 

when I went for my smear 2 years later they discovered I was pregnant . But the smear had also come back with a bad result. 

they could not treat me whilst pregnant so had to wait until after birth to be re checked.

i have birth in Feb 2014 and i went into have a colposcopy in the May . Had the most awful consultant I've ever experienced and was so rude. Just said you are fine and I will put you back to a 5 year check.

I was furious and explained I had been ha problems pretty mich every year-2years for over 11 years so how on earth can he justify this 

2 years later (now) I forced my gp to give me a smear - and what do you know severe abnormalities again...and tested positive to hpv 

My consultant this time is the best ive ever had and had cold knife cone op 4 weeks ago under general a. 

Ive been told if I want another baby it is def possible but I need to try very soon as it is verylikely I will need hystorectomy next time 

I hope this helps a little and lets you know you are not alone 






HI Vicki.  Thank you so much for your reply. Sorry it has taken me a while to get back I did not get any notifications. 

Sorry to hear what you have been through, must be awful, especially as it's been going on a very long time for you. 

You said that you have had a lot of treatment, does that mean you have enough cervix to continue having treatment? I'm confused about this as I don't ask questions I always go blank when I get in the room, typical. I was told they had to look at how much cervix i had left before another treatment and I've only had two lletz? We're you able to refuse hysterectomy before procedure if any complications arise at all? I am hoping to be able to have the option so I feel at least slightly in control lol. 

Good on you for being firm and standing by what you want! Sometimes I think they just want to get everyone in and out as quickly as possible to tick off another one on the list! Sorry to hear you had someone who wasn't very supportive. So pleased you have someone new, that always makes you feel more at ease. 

Considering what you have been through do you think it will take longer to conceive next time around if you chose that path? 

Thank you again for your reply and sorry for all the questions.