Cold knife cone treatment for multi-focal H-CGIN & CIN3

Has anyone had complete success with cold knife cone treatment completely removing multi-focal H-CGIN & CIN3? I am waiting to have the procedure and don’t really feel like I fit on any of the forums because I’ve been through 4 screening tests already and know it’s serious, yet they are trying to preserve my cervix so continue with as many minimally invasive procedures as possible until we get confirmation on where all of the high grade squamous and columnar cells are coming from and they get clear margins. I guess my biggest concern is that the results continue to come back worse with each test. I’m worried they will confirm a stage of adenocarcenoma after the cone biopsy instead of confirming that it is all treated, after my LEEP I was sent for a ob/onc consult even though they are still calling it “precancer” . I just feel so naive and scared and hate all of the waiting and unknown and it would be great to find someone whose situation is or was similar to mine in the past. Thanks for any help or advice. :slight_smile: