Post Cone Biopsy


I am distressed and reaching out to see if any one has had a similar process or outcome.  

Here goes:

March 2019-Abnormal Pap and HPV positive, strands 16 and 18

May 2019- First Biopsy.  CIN 1 and 2 Dysplasia.  LEEP recommended.

Augus 2019-LEEP extraction showed CIN 3 with unclear margins, close monitoring recommended

March 2020- Biopsy showed CIN 1, abnormal pap, and live HPV infection.

October 2020-Biopsy showed CIN 2 in endocervix, abnormal pap and live infection still present.  Cold knife conization reccomened.

December 2020- Just post Cold blade (cone biopsy.) Bleeding and wondering what will happen next.  Doctor called with results, unclear margins (biopsy unsuccessfut at removing abnormal cells) and not enough cervix left for further treatment.  CIN 3.  I have been referred to a cancer doctor. 


Any one else have a similar experience?  I am scared.

Hi I am in the same boat.. I just had my cone a week ago!!  its my first ever treatment but my doc.  did an aggressive cone!  She called me when she recieved the pathology.. all deep margins are negative except the exocervix(ectocervix) the exterior surface of the cervix   she believes that she cauterized that area pretty good but not 100% sure  now she refered me to a gyno/oncologist  for second opinion  to weather go back and do surgery but  no more tissue to removed  because she took out  most of my cervix,  if the gyno/onco  decide to do surgery that means they will need to remove  my whole cervix which will complicate my pregnancy if because we want to have another baby  next yr.. they will have to do a (cerclage)  stitch my cervix shut then deliver  c-section ?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️  my regular gyno said she might've taken it all out that we can just watch this closely ??? if its  external im hoping they can just do  cryo/laser or more cauterized im just so scared! I dont want another surgery!!!