Cone Biopsy- nervous and scared

Hi there ladies!

 I have been coming to this forum for weeks and reading up on others experiences with CIN, colposcopies and other procedures. I just wanted to say that reading your experiences has helped me exponentially with understanding the procedures that I am going though as well as what to expect throughout this process and I thank you all for sharing your stories.

I just wanted to take a moment to share what I am going though and hopefully get some informed answers from you ladies who have been though all of this before. I had a normal pap in March of 2013, in May of 2014 my pap came back with abnormalities found, I was then scheduled for a colposcopy. During the colposcopy I had 4 biopsies taken and a cervical cyst was found, the results came back as being positive for HPV and CIN-2. After I was given these results I was told I would be having the LEETZ procedure by the physicians assistant however, then the doctor who would be preforming the surgery came in and told me I would be having a cold knife cone biopsy. At the time I had no idea which procedure was more invasive and was shocked and upset that I would even be having surgery so I couldn’t ask any questions, nor did I know which questions to ask.

After research I found that the cone biopsy is more invasive and carries many more risks (which I was not informed of). I had to return to the office due to abnormal bleeding (which was apparently due to something on my cervix they had to be cut off) and was told by another doctor that they standardly only preform the cone instead of LEETZ if the individual has a history of abnormal paps, the cell are exceptionally aggressive and they normally don’t do it on individuals who have not had children yet. I have been trying to get ahold of my doctor to find out why I am having this more invasive procedure done but she is currently out of the country and won’t be back until tomorrow.

My surgery is scheduled for three days from now and I’m frustrated because I feel like I have not been well informed, and I have not even been told why this is necessary. I’m scared of what recovery might look like for me, I have a previous history of TSS and other abnormalities and have learned that me and my reproductive system just don’t get along very well.

Has anyone else been though something similar? Any ideas as to why I would be having this done instead of a LEETZ procedure? Has anyone suffered from any long term issues after having this done? Any advice or information would be helpful.

Thank you!