Cold Coagulation

Hi All,

A little bit of background information.
I am 25 and booked my first smear almost immediately. (My mom had cervical cancer although I know its not hereditary it did make a little nervous)

The results came back with severe dyskaryosis - the name itself doesnt sound great. However my appointment came through the following day for the colposcopy and perhaps a biopsy. 

Within 2 Weeks of the letter I had my Colposcopy and a Biopsy was taken (5th July 2018) - I found this very uncomfortable (I know most don't).

I received my letter back within 3 weeks saying that they found CIN3. I have my appointment tomorrow 2nd August 2018, enclosed with my letter was information regarding Cold Coagulation. 

I must admit I am very nervous as the Biopsy itself didnt hurt but the Speculum they inserted (similarly to the smear) caused great discomfort to the point they had to use smaller ones. 
This is making me super anxious about my appointment tomorrow and maybe I do not have as high a pain threshold as I first thought. 

Has anyone had Cold Coagulation for CIN3? Any views on it. 

Thank you in advance!


I had cold coagulation the other day and to put your mind at ease was not painful at all. the procedure itself took about 5 minutes, the only bit that made me uncomfortable was the local anaesthetic but mainly the thought of it rather than actually having it done if that makes sense.  

This is my second procedure, I had LLEZ last year and that also relatively pain free. I found also my first biopsy unbearably painful to the point it made me cry but this last one I had didn’t hurt at all! Perhaps they did not do as deep as biopsy this time around who knows. I had CIN 3 with hpv last time, this time 2years on the hpv had returned and I had “moderate changes” and CIN2

please do not worry it’s very quick and painless. afterwards about 3 hours on had some disconfort much like period pain but took some paraceTamil and it settled down. Still some slight brown/bloody discharge but this is normal.

Hope has put your mind at ease! And if you have any other questions feel free to ask :-)