Any advice or reassurance, I’m having my lletz tomorrow and to say I’m nervous is a understatement. I have a fast heart rate normally and I’m scared for the injections making this worse, anyone had the injections without the adrenalin in.

Hi,  when I had the anaesthetic which I found the most uncomfortable I did feel the adrenalin kick in for a minute or so and then I was fine. The LLETZ itself is over and done with very quickly and I didn't feel any pain, only a very strong feeling  of pressure in my back end,  I found it very similar to the sensation I had when I was in labour and felt the urge to  push ! Honestly you will be fine it really is more uncomfortable than painful and over and done in a flash. Hugs and good luck xx

Hi Ellie, just wanted to say that I hope everything goes ok today, I was also so anxious when they said about the increased heart rate! I used to suffer from panic attacks really badly and that was one of the horrible symptoms I had. However I was only very briefly aware of my heart beating fast, and I didnt find it bad at all! The whole thing really wasnt anywhere near as bad as I expected, and I have a tendency to always assume the worst case scenario. It was also over so quickly that I thought they were joking when they said it was all finished! I didnt feel any pain/pressure at all when they took the sample, which again I had assumed I would. I think we always assume these things are going to be awful which is why I was a hysterical mess when I first went in (bawling with snot all over my face), and whilst it obvously wasnt a fun experience I couldnt believe how quickly it was all over and done with. 

Thank you for the replies, I had it done today with a diffrent anastetic and it had no adrenaline in so had no panic attack or pounding heart, although I was informed my biopsy showed cin 3 and I was not expecting that when my smear showed boarderline. I'm quite anxious about my results now as I know This is the last cin before cc so I'm just calming down and resting up. x 

Try not to worry from what I've read cin 3 takes a very long time to turn into cancer