Worried after lletz

Hi, it’s my first time ever posting on a forum…had my colposcope and lletz 3 days ago for severe abnormality and am feeling pretty low :frowning: The colposcope itself was fine, but the lletz wasn’t so great for me, they had to remove quite a large area and did it under local which didn’t quite kick in, despite them giving me a fair bit of anaesthetic, really wished it had been done under general as I still feel jittery and quite faint 3 days later, is this normal? They did a biopsy but apparently not to confirm the cin (they said definitely severe/cin3) but to check if already cancer. I’m so scared and now have to wait a few weeks for my results so I’m an emotional wreck. I know there are worse things to go through in life but I’m finding this all pretty tough. I don’t think I have an infection (no temp, heavy bleeding or smell etc) but I just feel so weak and shaky. Has anyone else experienced this? Maybe I just got the short straw but I don’t see how anyone could go back to work the next day like the info suggests! Would really appreciate any support x

I also had CIN3 diagnoses, but had general anesthesia which made the procedure much easier. So sorry you had to go through this. :( I am in good health and was back at work within 5 days but the recovery takes at least 3 weeks or more.

I don't blame you for feeling the way you do. I also had two weeks between my LLETZ and finding out the results & I was so nervous. I was dizzy and my brain was constantly running. You have every reason to feel the way you do and don't feel bad for feeling nervous. Wishing you the best and sending hugs. Take care!