LLETZ tomorrow - nervous :s

Hi all

I have my LLETZ tomorrow morning and I am starting to get nervous now.

Does anyone have any advice or questions I should ask?

This forum is the only thing that has kept me sane so far.

Thanks x

I had lletz a few weeks ago and it was completely fine, the nerves before were the worst thing!

the doctor and nurses were all lovely. 

It it might be worth asking how long you can expect to wait for your results when you're there if they take any biopsies

Good luck, you'll be fine x

Thank you. I have added it to my list. Just sat in the waiting room now...EEK x

Stay strong, it'll be over before you know it.  Let us know how you get on x

Positive thoughts! the fear of the unknown is very scary so I found it was good to think positive and getting it over with - removing abnormalities. Being in control! Good luck x

Hope it went well x

It went very well thank you everyone. It was as expected but I dealt with it a lot better than I thought I would. They gave me a shot of adrenaline before the anaesthetic which made me feel very weak after it wore off - came home and slept for 2 hours. Then woke up feeling fine.....just waiting for the cramps to kick in. 

The fear of the unknown is definitely worse than the procedure itself. Nurses as usual were amazing. X

Hi Lolly

I have my LETZ tomorrow, I am also very nervous. Did you feel the injection at all for the LA?

Cant wait for it to be over, hope you are ok and resting today :)

Hi Anna Rose

Pleas try not to worry about the procedure - it really isn't that bad. I'm not going to lie, you can feel the injection a little bit (not as much as I thought), but take some deep breathes and it over with before you know it. I took some paracetamol half hour before - don't know if that helped at all but helped me relax more.

Let me know how you get on