Lletz under general

Hi all, 

So, I know it’s silly to pre-empt things but does anyone know why my consultant may have opted to go straight for a colposcopy and lletz under general anaesthetic? 

I only had a borderline smear result (inc high risk hpv), but even so my research suggests Lletz is usually only decided upon based on the colposcopy results. 

The fact I’m being knocked out before the colposcopy even starts suggests whatever’s lerking down there is visible to the human eye, and that can’t be a good thing right?

Does anyone have any insight on situations where this approach is taken? 

I know I should just wait, but any knowledge in this is much appreciated! 





Hi. I went through same approach. From pap smear straight to lletz. My gyne used lletz/loop as diagnostic test as well as treatment at the same time. It is not bad thing at all. Instead of going through colposcopy and biopsy and etc, we’ve done everything in one visit.

If you have any doubts with their approach, ask them so You can feel more relieved.

But I think you should nor worry that much. 


Is it something to do with your anatomy? One of the reasons my Lletz was done under GA because they had problems seeing my cervix at the colposcopy. The surgeon said afterwards that i had a slight prolapse (due to previous childbirth) which was obscuring access. I also have a tilted womb which i dont think helps. They always have to get the longest speculum in the world...


Maybe, I’m prolapsed as well but this means my cervix is much lower and easy to get to. Anyway, the procedure is tomorrow, so I’m going to keep my head down until then and look forwards to a nice sleep! Good luck with the mri x 

Thank you x this has made me feel a bit better about it x