Having to be put to sleep for my lletz??

Hello ladies, 

                       this is my first post here but ive lurked about for a few weeks reading up on everyone elses cases :) 

so today i had my colposcopy appointment as my first smear test cambe back with abnormal cells and high grade dyskayosis (sorry if thats spelled wrong!) my doctor told me i can have the lletz procedure done today, so off i went and got my gear off and legs akimbo, he examined me and said hes sorry he cant do it today as it needs to be done while im asleep. This has really got me worried and my mind has gone into overdrive thinking the worst, have any of you ladies had this happen to you? and what was the reasons for it? be as blunt as possible. thanks ladies. xxxx

Hi hun, sometimes I think they suggest that if they are taking a slightly bigger area away but I'm not certain,  I had a small section taken under local anaesthetic. It might also depend on how far up the cervix the bad cells are. I would ring the coloscopy clinic to ask them to clarify exactly why they wish to put you under general. They should be used to us worried women asking loads of questions!!!!  I had my colposcopy and lletz two weeks ago and I feel ok now still waiting for results though. Hope this helps xx


I had mine done under GA too. It was because the area was too close to the vagina wall so the anaesthetic might not have worked as well and it would have been very painful. They also tend to do it under GA if its a larger area. It doesn't meant the cells are any more advanced or that they are worse, it just means theres a few more of them or their in an awkward place.

I went in around 11am to have mine done and was home by 7pm. I felt a bit groggy afterwards but I preferred that than to being awake and knowing what was going on.

Hope it all goes well for you xx

Hi activebear.  Just read your post.  I got an abnormal smear back with CGIN (glandular) I was referred for a colposcopy and the consultant did the lletz there and then under local.  However I now have to go back for a cone as they did not get all the abnormal cells.  I think sometimes they prefer to put you to sleep so that they can get a larger amount of cells and thus hopefully get rid of all the abnormal cells.  Sometimes the cells can be higher up the cervical canal and are more difficult to get to when you are awake, plus it can be uncomfortable for you.  If you are asleep it will all be over and done with before you know it.  Just think of it that they have a better chance of getting rid of more abnormal cells if you are asleep rather than wriggling around if you were awake.  Try not to worry too much and let us know how you go on. xx

Hiya, I had to be put to sleep because the area was rather large that he needed to take away

that was 4 weeks ago now and I'm fine i went in at 7am and I was home by half one that same afternoon I felt cramps and really groggy but that's off the anesthetic then the actual

procedure I didn't have a lot if bleeding neither best advice I can give is afterwards rest up as much as possible xx

I am also having mine done under general anaesthetic, I have my appointment on the 19th May. Good luck with yours! Xx

Hi, try not worry (easier said than done I know). I had a GA last time as I was having laser and LLETZ to remove cells from quite a lot of the cervix. I think they'll do a GA if it's a large area, the cells are in an awkward place, or sometimes if the lady is very anxious. I think LLETZ under GA is more common than you might think. Hope it all goes ok, take care.