Worried about LLETZ...

*waves* hi everyone!

I’ve just joined here as I don’t actually have anyone to talk to about this stuff in real life. Sooo a bit of my background... I'm 26 and got around to going for my first smear in March and found it was the most excruciating experience imaginable... I convinced myself it would be all clear and that I'd avoid any further smears and just take my chances with cancer going forwards. Buuut then I got the result of severe dyskaryosis and went for a colposcopy & biopsies in April (another traumatic experience!) I've now been told I need a LLETZ but I know almost nothing other than the procedure and my appointment time and am getting more worried the closer it gets!

I know it's usually under LA, but can be GA... when did other people find out which they'll get? I've not had any indication yet - I think I'd like GA if given the option! Also, how long did you have to spend in hospital on the day? How did you find the procedure compared to the colposcopy? Sorry, I don't know anyone else who's been through it yet so sorry if my questions are a bit silly, any advice would be really appreciated as I'm a bit scared!

Thanks :)) Chloe

Hi Chloe,

I had the same result as you. I was booked in for Lletz under LA but when I got to my appointment the doctor took a look over my notes and saw I needed under GA (this was the 1st either of us knew of it as the nurse hadn't updated my notes properly).

I think once your biopsy results come back they will either get you in for an appointment to have the Lletz under LA or they will bring you in for an appointment for a pre-op for GA.

On the day I got there at 11am and was home by 6pm after having under GA. If you have it under LA your usually in and out within about an hour.

Cause it was under GA I can't really compare it to the colposcopy but from what i've heard, once you've gone through the discomfort of the LA injections it's just a bit uncomfortable and not really painful.

Hope you get your results back soon so you can find out what is going on with your treatment.

Keep us updated xx

Sorry just seen you have your appointment time. If that is the case it will probably be under local anaesthetic as you would have to have a pre-op if it was under general :) xx

Hi, you'll def be having a LA if it doesn't say otherwise on your letter. You have to be admitted for a GA. The Lletz really isnt that bad, it doesnt hurt at all. Its the same as a colposcopy but they are just down there a bit longer! Only 5-10 mins though. You dont really feel the LA needle at all, and after that its painless.

I know it's scary, but please read back what you wrote 'I convinced myself it would be all clear and that I'd avoid any further smears and just take my chances with cancer going forwards'. You dont want to 'take your chances' with cancer. If you think a smear test is painful and scary, imagine a cancer diagnosis and treatment.

You'll be fine, your CIN has been found and the Lletz will sort it :-) Good luck xx

Hey firefly..I only got CIN 2 so my situation may be different to yours.

I had my first lletz under local 2 days ago. Although the intial local is horrible, (and made me swear) the rest of the process was not bad. I did have the shakes though!

Im only in day 2 following but at the moment I think that the biopsy was more unpleasent, but mine may not have been as invasive as yours. 

All the best. The nerves are horrible.

Hi , I had the lletz under general as I have had 3 kids the consultant said it's easier for both , I didn't feel anything but slight cramps after and a discharge I'm a week after mine now and feel as normal as I am , good luck