Asking for lletz under GA?


I recently had my punch biopsy result come back as CIN3 and CIS. I haven't met up for my treatment discussion yet but I have a feeling from reading here and online that the next step is usually lletz. 

I'm just wondering if I am allowed to ask for the lletz to be done under GA?

I know most people do it under LA, and that GA is usually based on the location of the cells or based on doctor recommendation. I get very anxious about procedures and tense up quite a bit to the point where all the procedures down there are extra painful based on my own panic. Do you think they would do the lletz under GA for me- as I don't think I'll be able to take doing anything again while I'm awake...

Thank you in advance for any insight!

Hi Serhunt,


i have just had had this procedure under GA... I didn't ask for it but I think if you did request it, they would. I have a narrow vagina so they wouldn't be able to get to my cervix if I wasn't completely relaxed but im sure that's not the only reason they do it! Xx

Thank you so much for your response Ellie!

I think I may have something similar going on there... my paps/colpo apps take double as long because they spend so much time trying to get a visual/place the speculum. The thought of all that happening before doing the lletz is scary to me. Hopefully I can have it under GA like you did.


Hi I just got it done this morning at 11 and I have to say it's not as bad as I taught it would be, to be honest it was over before I knew it, they were so nice and made me feel relaxed I'd to get 2 injections because She said the area was large there was a bit of a pinch but that was it thank god 

I'm just home from having LLETZ under local. I usually struggle very badly having anything like this done. This was no different, but the procedure itself took around 5 mins. It's not nice. It's uncomfortable and painful at times, but I'd rather have it done and over with asap instead of waiting. I had three people doing my colposcopyZ the nurse colposcopist herself and two other nurses. They were fantastic and despite me crying and having a panic, were lovely. Glad it's over with xxx


just wanted to say I asked for my lletz procedure under GA I waited a lot longer for the appointment but woke up feeling fine, they also numbed my cervix so that I wasn't in pain when I woke up. 


Let me know if you have any other questions xx

Hi Serhunt,

i had my colposcopy the earlier last week and it was confirmed i have CIN2 and will need to have LLETZ. i am a very nervous patient and i asked the doc if i could have it done under GA and it was no problem. Just waiting for appointments now. :)