LLetz under GA

I was due to have a LLETZ a couple of days ago under local but it was a struggle to visualise the cervix. It was a mixture of me being anxious and struggling to relax, but I’ve never had this problem before and I’ve had 4 colposcopies and 2 smears in the last two years.
After tears and a chat with the very nice doctor it was advised to have it done under GA. So now I am absolutely petrified.
Just wondered if this had happened to anyone else?


I am also booked I for a lletz under GA but I have also had a LLETZ under local but my cervix is short and the Cgin did not have clear margins from my last LLETZ so I have been advised that a GA is needed. I am also feeling a little worried about it all xx 

I had my LLETZ under GA three days ago. I had never had any sort of anesthesia before, so I was also pretty nervous. The doctor never gave me an option for local vs. GA, but more internet searches have told me that some doctors just prefer to do it under GA.

Honestly though, it really wasn't bad at all! I had a sore throat afterwards from being intubated, but other than that I couldn't even tell I had had the procedure. No soreness, no pain, nothing (at least so far..). I was sleepy for the rest of the day, but I just took lots of naps. I almost wish I had some pain because my doc said I can't even climb stairs for the next two weeks, which I doubt I'll follow if I'm feeling fine!

Good luck, I hope your procedure is also pain free!



I had had my lletz under g.a as they needed to remove a large area of my cervix. It was done as a day case and I felt absolutely fine! Little bit tired on the day and you need someone to drive you home.... but I went back to work a few days later.... Tbh the worst part was managing the bleeding afterwards, but I was never in any pain!! Part of me is glad I was put to sleep ..... I woke up and it was all done!! X

Me too! I tried to have it under local but each time the doctor attempted to inject the LA I nearly hit the ceiling. Having never had anything medical done to me in my entire 44 years, I was pretty apprehensive about the GA too, but it was fine. When I woke up it felt pretty much just like normal waking up in the morning, and I didnt have any after-effects. My doc reassured me that they only have to knock you out for about 15 mins anyway, and you won't really get side-effects from such a short time under GA.

Personally I think you have been offered the better option, having tried both. The staff were super-nice when I went for mine and even a medical-phobe like me managed it OK, so you should be fine :-)

Good luck!

Thanks for the comments, it's so helpful to hear from people who have had it done! I'm on a two week wait and called the clinic who are organising my appointment tomorrow so at least then I can prepare a it more! Thanks again!!