Lletz under ga .. Scared :(

Hi there … Feel abit stuck in my own little world trying to get my head around this

has anybody had the lletz under a general as im due to go in tomorrow and abit unsure what to expect as they said my cervix is too high up ? What does this mean ?x

Sorry for the little essay :slight_smile:

Hi, I had a LLETZ under LA in January this year, it took 20 minutes, they took a loop biopsy at the same time, I was sore but fine to drive straight after. I received my results 4 weeks after the treatment. I felt OK but could not do the obvious swim, have a bath, they said they had to perform LLETZ as my abnormal cells were high up. The procedure was fine, I hope this helps.


Hi Gemgem,

I had LLETZ and laser treatments under GA at the end of last year. There are lots of reasons why they might need to do the treatment under GA so try not to worry about that too much. The cervix is positioned differently in us ladies so it may just be that it'll more comfortable for you to be asleep while they do it. Have you had a GA before? I felt groggy when I came round and for a few days afterwards (but thaht just be me). You shouldn't drive after a general, and they'll suggest you have someone with you overnight and for 24 hours afterwards. 

Hope it all goes ok for you tomorrow. Take care x

Hello. Hope your feeling ok :) I had lletz under GA at the beginning of February and in all honesty it wasn't bad at all, I had to wait around for a lomg time got there at 10 and didnt get seen till around 5 so the waiting around was the worst bit for me and not being able to eat haha. I am actually glad I had mine under a GA as all I remember is talking to the doctors and then the next thing I was awake back on the ward :) so try not to worry to much easier said than done I know!

Good luck for tomorrow xx

i had a GA once about 2 years ago but when i went for my pre op they mentioned they had trouble getting the tube down my throat thats what kinda has scared me abit lol such a wimp really but thank you for getting back to me i kinda feel a bit reassured now thanks girls :) xxx

Im just a worrier :( thank you girls for the replies though its reassured me that its not as scary as it sounds :)