LLETZ under GA

Hi ladies,
I received a letter a week after a smear saying that I needed a LLETZ done and had changes to my cells from last year and moderate high grade dyskaryosis. I went to colposcopy and was told that she thinks it’s CIN1 or 2 looking at results (this time last year I had a colposcopy and biopsies and CIN1).
She said she thinks by looking it’s CIN1 but there’s a chance it could be CIN2 and if it was that I could have the LLETZ under general as I got upset at the colposcopy (mainly because I was prepared mentally for one thing then got told a totally different thing!) and my last colposcopy the biopsies killed I nearly went through the roof! Wasn’t nearly as painful this time though!
I’m feeling reassured that I can have it under GA if I need it has anyone else had it done under GA due to them being a wuss? I feel like a right idiot now and that I should man up!

I had my Lletz last Tuesday done under GA. Nothing to do with being a wuss, just because they had to remove so much. The worst bit was the waiting about before hand on the hospital i remember nothing else! I struggled with the recovery from anaesthetic, even now almost a week later I am still tired and sluggish.

I've never had it under local, but I would imagine  it is a far more convenient procedure for fitting into life. I was at the hospital from 7am until 4pm and wasn't allowed to drive for 48 hours. My friend had it under local and was in and out And drove home! 

Should I need another on a smaller area I would opt for local. 




Me! I tried to have it done under local, but nearly hit the ceiling when the doctor tried to inject the anaesthetic. Oddly enough, I had no problem with the biopsies.

The GA was fine. I was very worried about it as I had never had one before (I am 45 and this was my first ever medical procedure) but I would have to say that waking up when it's all over is the way to go :-) I thought I might feel rough after the GA, but it was pretty much like when you wake up in the morning. I did have a brief dizzy/nauseous spell, but that might well have been due to my mum's decision to drive me home along all the little back roads in order to avoid the traffic - I am not a great car passenger and she doesn't exactly drive like your average 70 year old!

So I guess yeah, I had GA because I am a wuss. I would say go for it if you get the chance. My doctor was positively encouraging me to do it, even when I wasnt so keen, and told me "look, we're not in the business of torturing people, please make this easier for yourself"

Good luck, hope all goes well. It really will be over before you know it.


I'm in exactly the same boat.  As a colposcopy/punch biopsy veteran of 6 years I thought I could handle it despite every procedure being uncomfortable at best and downright painful at worst (I even find the speculum awful and pinchy which never sets me up well for whatever will follow).  It was meant to be today, and I got my GP to prescibe some diazepam to zonk me out a bit and relax my muscles so the Dr could see what she was doing (the previous appointment with her hadn't gone so well - I was so tense she couldn't really see much but had a 5 yr history to work from).  I took 5mg about an hour and a half before the procedure and felt pretty relaxed and zoned out, but once I was in that chair it all changed.  I tried to calm myself down and relax (18 years of anxiety has taught me a few tricks) but once that speculum went in I may as well have not taken any sedatives at all. Muscles tightened, anxiety attack kicked in and we decided (me, the nurses and the Dr) that a general would be the way to go.  I think seeing the loop instruments (which are not actually that scary but I wasn't in a good place) didn't help, plus the fact that my anxiety had wormed its way through what should have been enough valium to keep me relaxed made me opt for the general.  In all honesty, had I been offered the choice, I would have gone straight for the general (I've had two before for orthopaedic surgery so I'm not worried about being put to sleep) because I know what kind of patient I am in these situations.  It's only a small area they are removing and it could well have been done with the local, but not with my legs clamped shut!  I feel like a bit of a wuss as well, but as the nurses said, everyone's different and whatever the right decision is for me is what they will go with.  Moggsy is absolutely right, it's not a nice procedure and whatever will make it easier is what you should do.  Now I just want to know when they're planning to do it under general and get it out of the way.  Part of me wishes I had been able to cope with it today as then it would be over with already, but then I have to remind myself that I couldn't cope with it, and that's OK.