LLETZ under GA

Hi all

I've been put on the waiting list to have a LLETZ under GA rather than local. I'm fine with it and happy to have it done - no worries whatsoever. I just don't know what to expect from it.

I've never had an operation before and the only other time i've been to hospital is to have the colposcopy, which doesn't really count as a hospital visit.

Has anyone else had it done under GA? How was the procedure for you?

Thanks in advance


hello, mine was under GA really nothing to worry about as you will be asleep.  

Just had one under GA yesterday and id do it again as opposed to local. Far less anxiety than having to sit in a chair and see/watch it, hear them talk and i was scared of moving or something. No chance of that if you're asleep. I was groggy after but few hours and I feel fine again just a bit run down.