LLETZ treatment

Hi all im new here and have a question

I had CIN 3 diagnosed through colposcopy and had LLETZ treatment 3 days ago. The doctor didn’t speak to me after the procedure as I was put under a general anasthetic I woke up and got discharged. Unsure if I should be having a follow up appointment with my doctor or not

Yes I think so. At least they do in Canada. They gave me a bunch of instructions for care for the next 2 weeks and then I am supposd to follow up and make an appointment. If they didn't give you any care information, I would call right away, otherwise here it is 2 weeks later. I'd call your doctor's office to be sure. 

Hi this is my first post so hopefully I can get some help and reassurance from the lovely people on here. How can I get to have my upcoming lletz done under general anaesthetic? I have had my appointment through after 2 excruciating biopspies and very unpleasant experiences to say it is going to be done under local anaesthetic and I'm just too angry at the way I've been dealt with and am now too scared to get back in the chair. I live in Worcestershire and don't even know if they offer GA? Please help x


Hi balletboff, 

I have got my first Lletz on Tuesday and I am terrified, to say the least!! You are most definitely not on your own!! I had a colposcopy three weeks ago where they took four biopsies. It was a horrendous experience in terms of pain, however, it was mainly emotional stress that bothered me the most. If I was given the choice I would opt for general anaesthetic too. I live in Lancashire and this option has not been given to me either. Within my letter, it has stated that the procedure will only take around 20 mins and I will not be able to feel anything. I am just concerned about how I will feel after the LA wears off. I am taking my partner along with me for moral support and lots of TLC, he came with me for my biopsies and I genuinely think he was more scared than I was!! With him there beside me I felt at ease and I do not think I could have done it without him. Maybe this could be an option if GA is not an option you can take. 

I really hope everything goes well and you get the treatment you want.

Shona xx