how long is the wait for lletz under general anaesthetic usually?


Hi :) hospital just phoned me and said that they have a date for me... 19th May, seems ages away! I had the colposcopy and they didn't want to do anything there and then as the area was too large to get rid of under LA. I had the colposcopy over a week I ago I think, if they were worried would they have me in sooner? Or doesn't it work like that? Starting to feel worried again all of a sudden :( Xxx

Hiya I had my colposcopy the 24th march I then had my Lletz under GA for the same

reasons as you under GA on the 2 April! Miles away lol! regardless of the results

o think waiting times are the same for any sort of op under GA 



Sorry that should be the 24th feb I had my colposcopy then waiting the results of those biopsies then having the Lletz xx

Ok thank you :) 

How long after lletz were u back to normal? Xx

Im now three weeks post Lletz I'm doing ok still having slight bleeding and discharge can't comment on the cramping because I alsways

have cramps in my back and stomach, after the Lletz they were slightly more painful xx

Thank you for replying. Was you still able to do normal things after? As just worried about taking my daughter school and picking her up. As I don't drive its like an hour all round trip. Surely ill be alright won't I? Just walk slow? Xx

The day I had it and the day after I was still shaky and weak think that's more to do wit's having it under GA

after that I was ok xx