LLETZ scheduled - struggling emotionally

I had a colposcopy and three biopsies.  They told me I looked great and mild.... so it was a real shock the cells came back as severe.       I felt like I have been pushed through the whole way and although technically i consented by removing my clothes ... i don't feel like it's informed consent   

I am am schedeuled for a lletz procedure in two weeks as I'm in the 2ww.   Anyways, I keep crying atbthe thought of the actual procedure.  I watched a video showing the treatment and the thought of someone doing that to my cervix is making me really upset.  I can't get it out my head the fact that they burn a piece off - is that weird?   I am also scared they will take more away than I anticipate and it will affect me for future pregnancies.  I am 43 and trying really hard to get pregnant and my time is running out.    my husband says its for the best and thank goodness they picked this up, I know I need to be thankful in the biggest way.   I just keep cryung and can't help it. 

I just can't get my head round it all ... Surely if having the cells are a "risk factor" for future I can just wait until I have my las baby and just get everything taken away? But at the end of the day it the biggest thing is seeing a chunk of my cervix removed and then burnt to seal it ..... Eeeeeeewwww.


Sorry if it shows I edited the post, I guess I made a few typos.  

I made the mistake of watching a video too, and I cried at the thought of it, so I know exactly how you are feeling.

I had mine 2 days ago and I PROMISE you, its not half as bad as the build up to it. I took neurofen and paracetemol before hand, and brought my phone with me to read the news and keep my mind off what was happening. I teared up in there but still just got it over and done with. 

Try not to think about the physical part of whats happening. Practice thinking about something else.

They told me it would take 30 mins which sounded like forever, but the actual procedure took only 5 mins and I was over and done with before I knew it. I took 2 days off work and it was nice to just take it easy and leave your body rest.

Also bring someone with you to keep you occupied while waiting. MY mother just kept talking rubbish in the waiting room and it kept my mind busy, I know I would have dwelled on it too much otherwise. Kalms might also help.

Regarding whether to wait until you've had another baby, that's something to discuss with your doctor, but I don't think LLETZ will affect your chances. In the long run its probably best to get those severe cells out of you as soon as possible.

Best of luck, you can do this, its all for the greater good (and don't bother watching any more videos.) xxxx


well this is reassuring ... I honestly am not sure how I will cope, I wish it were behind me now.    All the stuff I have received says "you do not have cancer" yet the clinic are push push push get it done and I feel railroaded through the whole thing.  i told them I didn't want any of it and here I am, I feel so invaded And sad.   


As as for the procedure, I'm glad you understand where I am coming from.  I'm glad I reached out. Thankyou. 

I thought the same. I had pictured myself having a total panic attack and running out of the place. The build up and the racing thoughts while you're waiting a few weeks is just horrendous, but on the day things seem a little calmer, when you're in there and see other women in the same position, and the extremely lovely nurses looking after you and making sure you're comfortable. And then when the procedure is over you realise the worst part has been the waiting.

Its all about prevention, stopping the cancer before it even has a chance to develop, hence the push from the clinics. They're saving lives every day by doing this. It sure is an awful thought to be invaded like we are, but look at the alternative xxx

Hi AllAboutTheBass! 

Don't worry - you will cope just fine. I had LLETZ a couple of months ago and it wasn't too bad at all. My cervix didn't like the first injection and I went quite faint but the nurses looked after me and held my hand. I didn't watch what was going on on the screen and just kept focussed on the lovely, chatty nurses. I didn't feel the other three injections much at all and, because I was numb, couldn't feel the actual procedure. Afterwards I felt very tired and had bad period pains but I don't remember feeling much real discomfort at the site. I did have a couple of weeks off work because I have a full-on job with lots of moving about and I was extraordinarily tired but I wonder some of that was a mental health thing rather than actually physical.


Your husband is right about needing to get it sorted. I wish you the very best of luck with everything and stop Googling videos! ;)

Take care!

Kirsty xx


I am sorry that you feel railroaded; I don't think any of us would choose to have any of it done, but they are doing their best for you and it is good that it will be sorted and over and you can get on with TTC. There are lots of ladies on here that have been in the same boat and have gone on to have children, and the last thing you would want would be for something that's precancerous to turn cancerous.

i was TERRIFIED before my colposcopy, so I opted for a GA for my lletz, there are pros and cons to both LA and GA for the procedure. I was glad I'd had the GA as a lovely man gave my hand a tiny jab and the next thing I knew it was all over! Perhaps that would be an option for you.

dont be afraid to ask anything on here, we've all been in the same boat.

good luck hon, and please do not watch anything else on YouTube.

Molly xxx


No one can tell you not to worry as you will but it honestly was fine. I had lletz in June and it was over before I knew it, the nurses kept me talking about my wedding plans and the doctor who was doing the procedure actually was telling a few jokes whist doing it. I also didn't feel anything.

i have just had my follow up smear that was normal but I still have the hpv virus so they are referring me back to check but after my last experience I will not be worried about it this time.


i hope this helps you. 


Hi, I had LLETZ treatment just over a year ago. I know everyone is different but I can honestly say it was completely painless and I wouldn't give it a second thought if I ever had to go through it again. Like you, I also watched it being done on YouTube and read a ton of horror stories. The thought of the whole thing knocked me sick and I tormented self silly over the whole procedure.  Sat in the waiting room, waiting my turn was torture, I didn't think my legs would carry me into the room. Anyway, they did and the nurse held my hand the whole time and talked to me about anything and everything. I was warned the local anaesthetic might sting a little but I never felt a thing. Slight pressure but no pain. I was also warned my heart might race and I might feel light headed but I was that nervous I felt like that anyway and didn't notice any difference. The procedure itself was quick and again, never felt a thing. Had slight period like cramping later in the day but nothing major. I was so relieved when it was over and quite surprised when he said it was done and I had slight period like cramps later on in the day but nothing major. Good luck, like someone has already said, the waiting is certainly the worst part x

It's good to know you all survived! 


Can I ask another question please? What is it like the following day, I should rest? Right? Or is it business as usual? I really have no clue what is expected to happen, I guess that's a factor in my anxiety. 

I had only booked the one day off work, but the following day (yesterday) I was feeling a bit crappy and spaced out and ended up taking the day off, and I was glad I did. I stayed in bed most of the day watching movies. I got up and swept and hoovered a little but actually regretted it after 5 mins and went back to bed. I'd rest up the following day too if your schedule allows it.

It all feels like a distant memory but I'm pretty sure I was given a note from the hospital for about ten days off! I think its hard to say how long you will need, it depends on your fitness, what type of anesthetic, and of course what job you do. But I would definitely err on the side of caution and don't rush back, or hurry to do anything too strenuous.

Look after yourself!

Love, Molly, xx

Hi Sorry to add into this.. I completely understand where your fear and anxiety is coming from. I am 25, CIN2 and HPV positive... My recent biopsy result has come back and treatment has been offered, but as I'm young, the doctor said herself she would rather wait. I feel that they do not give enough information or advice.  

Just please don't look at videos online, speak to people instead or talk to your GP. 

good luck with everything xx