Emotions after LLETZ

Hello - firstly this forum has been a bit of a life-saver over the last two months so thank you all :)

I had a LLETZ treatment last Friday, this was following nearly 2 months of uncertaintly and an MDT meeting about my smear and biopsy results. I found the procedure painful but felt fine over the weekend, barely needing any pain relief. This week it's really kicked in though, and I've had to take time off work for the pain but also the emotional effects - I'm a complete teary mess! I've had a lot of support from family and friends, but I'm really struggling with feeling like a fraud for not just getting on with things. Has anyone got any advice? 

Yes! Look after yourself and don't feel guilty about a thing! You've had your lady bits messed about with and you've had worry about it for quite a while, so it really is to be expected that you're all over the place a bit. There will be some relief that you're the other side of the procedure too. Take lots of rest, you are recovering from surgery. 

hugs, Molly xxx

Thank you Molly :) 

As an aside, I've read your signature - hope all goes well for you next week x

Oh god yes, this is totally normal so please don't worry!! I have been through CIN 3 and LLETZ once before in 2008 and then again now. I'm just awaiting my second biopsy on Tues due to muddle between private and NHS and also possible CC being there too. Not nice having to go through a punch biopsy again. When I had LLETZ the first time I was at uni living away from my family and having my partner at the time sleep with someone else whilst I was recovering from the LLETZ. Now I have to go through it again it's brought all the emotions back. I'm not with my lovely husband to be and he's nothing but supportive, however I still live away from my parents so I always find that aspect hard. It's been an emotional time and working for the police, I'm finding my job has been making me teary when having to deal with not very nice things (that I usually wouldn't be bothered about).

LLETZ isn't nice and it can make you feel out of sorts and like Molly said, you'd had strangers mess about with you and you may feel invaded. Everyone deals with it differently and you are no expcetion. If you feel upset then that's normal, you've been through a lot. I know exactly how you feel and I just know it's starting all over again for me so that makes me scared :(

I hope you;re feeling a bit better, try and cheer yourself up by getting out and walking, taking your mind off things and enjoying some of this lovely crisp Autumn weather :)

Lucy xx

Thanks Lucy :) I know what you mean about work. I hope your results are ok. X

Thank you! Getting nervous! Xx

Gl im having lletz under ga tomoz xx