LLETZ Recovery - clear fluid

Hi everyone,

Unfortunately smear came back with low grade dyskaryosis (CIN 1) so now waiting for the results/colposcopy appointment letter to come in the mail as advised by my nurse. She told me they’re sending me for a colposcopy but that they will likely do treatment right away, probably a LLETZ. I didn’t realise that they’d changed since I last went (2017) and did both colposcopy and treatment all in one now but I suppose it’s more convenient.

Anyways my real question is about recovering but specifically related to that clear fluid that persists for 4-6 weeks, at least in my case. I know that if it smells you should see the doctor as it could mean infection but last time mine had a smell but it was super faint and I don’t think I did have an infection… anyways, no matter what pads I wore I still felt massively uncomfortable knowing I was just leaking and with my sensitive nose I felt as though I could smell THE smell all the time and felt super uncomfortable and anxious about it.

This may sound really stupid but does anyone have any advice on specific pads to wear or tips+tricks if you tend to wear thongs as underwear? The work trousers I have don’t really let me wear full underwear without showing, those “lineless” ones I’ve found difficult to put a pad in, etc. etc.

Also any advice how to make yourself feel better about the fact you’re just leaking clear fluid out for such a long time… I found that to be actually the most disconcerting thing post treatment.